5 Tips For Learned Happiness During the Holiday Rush and Any Day of the Year


5 Tips For Learned Happiness During the Holiday Rush and Any Day of the Year

by Dr. Natasha Turner ND

Most of us think we should just be happy, but the fact is we must learn to be happy. Here are five things I have started to do in the past few years to increase my happiness:

  1. Everyone I meet I make an attempt to give them something – a compliment maybe just in my mind or I may share it, help, guidance, support, a smile, connection, whatever it is. I try to pay attention to people around me – does that lady need help going up the stairs, or does that mom need help holding the door or loading the car with her shopping or babies? This is one of the rules from a favorite book of mine, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra.
  • Speak to strangers. My goodness, there are so many benefits to this – the biggest being a moment of connection. Say good morning.  When I walk whatever city or place I am in, I always say hello or smile at every person that I pass. When I walk on country roads, I wave at every car that goes by. And I always speak to people when I shop and indefinitely in elevators. Try it. It may push your comfort limits, but the experience and shared moment of interaction or possibility to make someone smile can be life changing. So simple, but so, so true. This is one measure that I use to know I am happy, because these moments truly fulfil me. Yet, I do not for one second ever forgest that I am also blessed with the opportunity to work in a field where I can make a difference in people’s lives and motivate them for change.
  • I pay attention to nature wherever I am. Notice the small things and pay attention to your senses – sound, smells, sight. It keeps you in the moment.
  • I practice gratitude as often as I can and write five things I am grateful for each evening. No matter the challenge or situation, I work hard to trust that I will never be given more than I can handle and the universe takes care.
  • I believe nothing happens by coincidence – in fact – I believe in Synchronicity. Synchronicity with another person leaves us with a rush of emotions and questions—why and how did this happen? Those brief interactions or strange meetings that happen at random with strangers and leave you with a mysterious and profound feeling of either purpose or a sense of recognition. It means you are on the right track in your life and your energy is directed in the right places. Think of someone – and they will show up  – in my life they always do. It doesn’t even surprise me anymore. And sometimes I even think of them and then wait for the outcome with great anticipation…..

I recently attended a healing retreat in Mexico. It was a huge amount of work and commitment but in the end I left with just what I needed and I have come away with more ways to improve my self love and happiness. Sometimes we need an external source to guide us, just like this, and other times we need to give our brain a boost with the right support, so I created this combo as a quick holiday mood and brain boost:

Breakfast: Take the following capsules with this highly beneficial drink mix

3 clear T3

1 clear mood

3 pure form omega

Vitamin D3 – drops or capsules

With this brain boosting drink mixed in a shaker cup (ice is options):

¾ scoop clear marine collagen +C

½ scoop clear recovery

2 scoops clear vegan complete or clear complete (whey based) with a multivitamin


3 pure form omega

2 clear mood

2 to 4 clear magnesium

The benefits of the combination of these products include:

Clear T3: raises thyroid hormone, the active type that directly impacts mood, cognition, metabolism and digestion, do not take if you have hyperthyroidism

Magnesium: involved in over 300 enzymatic reactions, improves energy, sleep, metabolism, and calms the nervous system

Vitamin D: helps serotonin and dopamine work in the brain and it is proven to reduce seasonal affective disorder

Pure form omega: assists with brain function, 6 grams oer day of omegas are proven to improve mood, protects the brain from the harmful effects of stress and assists with hormone balance overall

Clear mood: provides the building blocks of serotonin production, takes 6 weeks to reach full effectiveness, just like any SSRI medication, no side effects, also aids digestion and sleep, do not take if you are taking an SSRI medication

Marine collagen: provides the building blocks of serotonin and dopamine, assists with healthy thyroid function, brain health and heals the digestive tract wall – where most serotonin is produced in the body

Creatine: assists with the activity of serotonin in the brain, enhances the activity of SSRI medications, proven to increase energy as it is involved in the production of cellular energy/ATP, increases muscle mass, healing to the brain and excellent aid for concussion victims and those with depression or anxiety post concussion, prevents chronic disease and improves endurance

Clear complete vegan or whey based: provides protein for building block of dopamine, serotonin,, thyroid and growth hormone, contains a multivitamin for optimal health, energy, metabolism, prevents cravings and blood sugar imbalance, reduces stress hormones when consumed regularly and at the right times of the day (i.e. on rising and between 2 – 4 pm), improves sleep, strength and maintains muscle mass

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