Our IV Nutrient Therapy Lounge is open !


Our IV Nutrient Therapy Lounge is open !

We are excited to announce that our High dose IV nutrient therapy lounge is now open.

IV therapy is a treatment modality that allows us to by-pass the gut in order to achieve a much higher level of nutrient absorption that is otherwise unachievable orally. 

Benefits of IV nutrient therapy: 

Improve immune health

Boost energy levels

Boost adrenal health 

·Support and prime detoxification pathways 

Hormone balance 

·Anti-aging and skin collagen production

Improve sleep 

Support weight loss 

Improve symptoms of depression

Improve anxiety

Improve mental clarity and cognitive function

Reduce the symptoms of migraines

Improve allergies

Combat fatigue

Maintain the strength of muscles and tissues

Our IV licensed Naturopathic Doctors take a full and detailed medical history and send you for comprehensive blood work to assess whether this therapy is right for you. Once they have assessed if you are a good candidate, they curate an IV bag as well as an IV treatment schedule that is specific to your case and your unique health concerns. 

Please book an appointment to see if IV is the right therapy for you. 

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