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Does your naturopathic practice need help?

  1. Are you working virtually and alone since Covid?
  2. Would you like to be free of the need for managing staff, a dispensary, billing or shipping orders?
  3. Is your practice limited in scope because of the high cost of blood tests for your patients?
  4. Do you manage your own reception and administration processes in your practice?
  5. Do you lack infrastructure to appear to be a full service, professional clinic?
  6. Do you pay more than $500 in rent or in support staff fees monthly?
  7. Are you lacking a mentor or struggle with case management?
  8. Do you struggle with managing or keeping-up with marketing including newsletters, social media, website content, and/or blog posts?
  9. Are you new to running a practice?
  10. Do you struggle with building programs and plans for your patients?
  11. Do you spend more time doing administrative or operational tasks since Covid?
  12.  Are you feeling constrained by the time administrative tasks take and wish you had more personal time or time to focus solely on seeing patients?
  13. Is the scalability of your practice limited by your time, staff or infrastructure or lack thereof?
  14. Do you struggle with client follow-up or complaints with respect to this aspect of your practice?
  15. Do you struggle with patient retention?
  16. Has your dispensary revenue decreased since working virtually?
  17. Do you struggle with the costs, time and space to manage a dispensary and to fulfill patient prescriptions?
  18. Are you without an established brand or reputation for your services?
  19. Do you feel you need a larger audience to receive your message?
  20. Do you wish you had more effective ways of promoting your business?

If you answer yes to four or more of these questions, you may qualify for ClearmedicineND.

We want to hear of your goals for your practice, your work-life balance, what you love to do and what you wish you didn’t have to do any longer, what you need help with and what you aspire to tomorrow.

If you are an ND currently working alone remotely or new to the profession, it’s quite possible there is no better choice for you than clearmedicineND.

We are here to help you thrive and to remove all of the stress behind working-in, managing, marketing, promoting, stocking a dispensary and growing a practice. You soon may be able to enjoy the benefits of leveraging our infrastructure, mentoring and training, marketing, dispensary, supplier relationships, exclusive supplement line and many other ways to increase the effectiveness and growth of your practice.

Contact us for more information and to complete the qualification process.

Please email our Clinic Director for more information

Change your practice. Change your life. Grow.  And just breathe.

Let us be your virtual ND office while you do what you are meant to do: love and care for your patients.

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