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Our Holistic Nutritionist, Allison is offering a new online program to help you all end the year strong!  She will spend 3 weeks with you helping you establish all the good habits so you can start the New Year strong.

What it includes:

  • Weekly 5-day meal plans for 3 weeks .  This will give you freedom to accommodate social events.   Meal plans will be sent out on Friday’s so you have the weekend to shop and prepare.
  • Weekly email that will cover topics including clean eating, movement, water, sleep & gratitude.  Giving you the tools to establish healthy habits in these areas.
  • Private facebook group where further information and some challenges will be shared.  Also offers a platform to have questions answered.

Cost:  $50

Date:  December 3 – 21, 2018 (first meal plan sent out Friday, November 30th)

Contact Clear Medicine today at 416-579-9105 to sign up!



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