New Year New You: A Five Week Plan with Metabolism Factors To Consider


New Year New You: A Five Week Plan with Metabolism Factors To Consider

By Natasha Turner ND

Part 1 of 5

Start 2020 Right! Boost Metabolism with Help from Updated Hormone Diet 5 -Week

One of the primary factors determining body weight is metabolism, the internal furnace that regulates fat burning. Everyone’s metabolism is different, which is why some people appear to be able to eat just about anything and remain lean while others seem to pack on pounds easily. But being overweight doesn’t necessarily mean you have a slow metabolism, and there are five major factors that affect our metabolic rate:

1. the thyroid: your internal thermostat

The thyroid controls the metabolic rate of every single cell in the body and also maintains body temperature. Without enough thyroid hormone, all our bodily functions slow down. We feel tired and lethargic, gain weight, experience constipation, feel cold and are prone to depression.

2. the rush of adrenalin

A quick release of adrenalin is the body’s first response to stress. This hormone provides a short-term metabolic boost because it draws on the body’s fat stores to provide that burst of energy we feel in a “fight-or-flight” situation.

3. marvelous muscle

Muscle tissue is metabolically active at rest, as well as during use. So the more muscle you have, the more calories you’ll burn, even while sleeping or watching TV. This metabolic factor is the easiest to control with the right wellness plan. Unfortunately, loss of muscle is a normal part of aging, especially if we do not consume enough protein.

4. the thermic effect of eating

Thermic pertains to heat. Thermic or “thermogenic” foods literally heat you up and raise your metabolism. The thermic effect happens as your body burns calories, simply by digesting and absorbing the food. Yes, even the very act of eating stimulates your metabolism, especially when you consume protein, which has the highest thermic effect of any food group. There’s another metabolic benefit of protein; eating it also helps to support metabolically active muscle growth, especially if you are using strength training. And strength training helps to increase the thermic effect! A study published in the Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise Journal found the thermic effect of the same meal was 50 per cent greater in men who engaged in regular weight training versus those who were sedentary. This certainly helps to illustrate why strength training is so important for optimal calorie burning.

5. your lovely liver and the impact of your digestive system

While your muscle is your primary fat-burning tissue, your liver is your master fat-burning organ. Knowing this, it makes good sense to adopt detoxification and other habits that promote healthy liver function.

Your digestive system is the largest hormone producing tissue in the body. It is also has recently established that inflammation, bacterial imbalance, food allergies and the competency of the digestive tract wall (otherwise known as leaky gut) all impact your ability to lose fat and your overall wellness.

All these metabolism factors involve, or are influenced by, your hormones. In each case, an appropriate hormonal balance is the key to ensuring optimal metabolic function.

Over the next 5 weeks I am going to provide weekly suggestions to incorporate into your New Year New You Plan. By the end you will revamp your metabolic health and adopt new means of eating, sleeping, workout out and supplements that will have you energized, strong and lean in time for March Break!

Week 1: Begin with The Hormone Diet nutrition and supplement protocol focused on restoring healthy gut function – rid bloating, gas, indigestion, abdominal pain, nausea, heartburn, constipation or loose stools for good!  This also contains all your thermogenic food options.

* Thermogenic foods include turmeric, garlic, coconut oil, green tea, cinnamon, apple cider vinegar, chili peppers, and salmon and they rev up your metabolism, which may help you lose weight *

I came up with this nutrition approach for my explant patients (that often have mold, yeast or bacterial imbalance as a result of the breast implants) and for all of my patients that experience bloating after eating, no matter what they eat. In this instance, usually we need to remove the following foods for two to four weeks as they could:

  • Be allergenic (gluten, oranges, grapefruit)
  • Be inflammatory (red meats, dairy products, corn, gluten)
  • Promote the overgrowth of bad bacteria and yeast (fermented foods, all sources of sugars, all items containing added yeast, mushrooms, melons and peanuts and pistachios as well as all vinegars and alcohol).
  • Be harmful – no matter how much is consumed – my foods you should never eat including artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils.

Not to worry there are still plenty of foods for you to consume and you will not be hungry!  include the following foods to:

  • Protein (formula is 1.6 grams per kg of body weight, divided into four meals to increase muscle mass, lean sources from fish, chicken, turkey, shellfish and I recommend two protein shakes a day – a meal replacement (like any clear complete product whey or plant based) combined with one additional serving of protein (whey or plant based).
  • Two cups of cooked vegetable for fiber and nutrient intake that assists healthy insulin balance, estrogen detox, boosts adiponectin for fat loss, select fruit that do not promote the growth of yeast, bloating or blood sugar imbalance, and healthy fats. Depending on the severity of bloating, I often do not recommend added sources of fiber like chia, flax or fiber powders because until the bacterial imbalance an enzymes levels are corrected.  Veggies can be cooked in the form of soup, stir-fried (in coconut oil spray), baked, roasted, grilled and consumed hot or cold.
  • One to two healthy fat servings per day in the form of olive oil, egg yolks, avocado, etc.
  • Fruits that do not promote bacterial imbalance and blood sugar spikes including berries, kiwi, gold berries or watermelon, one serving per day.
  • My suggested breakfast every day because of all of its benefits described in the product description here is my healthier alternative to intermittent fasting: Click this link for breakfast ingredients. If you do not want to consume protein powder you can eat foods containing protein like egg whites but still drink the clear recovery as your source of creatine and clear marine collagen + C.
  • My recommended mid afternoon meal (or that can be used for lunch, mid-afternoon or night-time meal especially if arriving home late is one serving clear complete meal replacement and one serving protein powder (both either whey or plant based) in a shaker cup with ice (optional).
  • Ideas for lunch time meal (consumed between 10:30 to 1 Pm) and evening meal (5 – 6:30) visit this recipe blog.
  • Supplement protocol for all 5 -weeks is outlined here

Here are all products with links to purchase. You can purchase all of the products as one specific kit or purchase individual supplements at Clear Medicine Wellness Boutique or if you prefer online shopping they are all available at

Products to select from that are recommended in this program:

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