Linda Van Dyk CNP, ROHP, RNCP

Driven by an unwavering commitment to helping others live fully and age gracefully, Linda’s passion for wellness is punctuated by her affinity for people and harnessing the inherent power of nutrition.

Her life tells the story of inspiring others to consider their relationship with food, promoting the power of herbs, supplements, and exercise and equipping others with the knowledge to grant them a younger life for a longer period of time and sharing her belief that there is a better way to age well.

Having experienced a life-altering loss in her mid-40s, Linda turned to what she could affect – her health – to regain a control she felt she had lost. As she began to prioritize her own wellbeing, she discovered a natural evolution into the alternative wellness field and graduated with honors from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition.

Simultaneously, she helped with the treatment of both her youngest daughter and mother, each met with complex health challenges including chronic illness and colon cancer.

Years of allopathic healthcare, alongside the alternative system she was immersed in, put the holistic treatment of the body into crystal clear focus, and it is this knowledge and experience that Linda brings into her practice, allowing her wealth of past experiences to guide each day.

Her inner drive and insatiable curiosity cause her as to ask the question ‘why are things the way they are?’ and part of what uniquely equips Linda is her profound understanding that no two bodies are alike. She approaches each client like putting together a puzzle and finding the missing pieces. She spends hours analyzing the various layers of their lives, strengthened by the belief that there is a better way to age than what our present healthcare system offers us.

She cannot accept the standard “it’s just normal aging”, rather she seeks to uncover the reason why.

She has been fortunate enough to witness change and growth in her work, family, education, and life experience, all of which have been life affirming and have instilled in her an unyielding faith in the alternative healthcare industry. Now in her 60’s, her goal is to attain a healthier and fuller vitality than ever before, developing a roadmap for a regenerative aging process along the way.

Because the science of nutrition never stops evolving, her professional designations of Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner (ROHP) and Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner (RNCP) require successful completion of advanced academic training in nutrition each year. These rigorous standards uniquely endow her with a rare cutting-edge approach to wellness, expanding her knowledge in her desired area of focus, Functional Nutrition and Digestive Health.

As health is forever in motion, she believes we must all continuously learn to build and achieve optimum wellness. By creating new, life-enhancing habits and learning that food is actually life, we shed the old and thereby rise to a new level of well-being, day in and day out, year by year.

Linda’s fundamental belief is not in the escape of the aging process, but in aging gracefully within a vessel that lives younger than its years and it is this passion and certainty, in the ability to revitalize, that she hopes to instill within you.

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