Lynn Tougas – Registered Kinesiologist

Honours B.A. Kinesiology and Health Science
Professional Member National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)

  • Functional Performance Assessor
  • Including Basic Ergonomics, Optimal Full Body Joint Range of Motion and Low Back Pain Categorization
  • Low Back Pain Specialist
  • Wellspring Oncology Exercise Specialist
  • Sport and Workplace Rehab to Performance Exercise Specialist
  • Advanced Yoga Teacher
  • Pilates Mat and Props for Mat Pilates Teacher
  • Manual Therapist
  • Providing Acupressure and Thai Yoga Massage for the Table

Lynn Tougas graduated from Toronto’s York University in 2005 with a Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology and Health Science. Since 2005 Lynn has been working as a Kinesiologist in Toronto and became officially registered as a Kinesiologist in 2012 (the first year Kinesiology was regulated). Previous to going back to school to study Kinesiology and Health Science in 1999, Lynn was working in the wealth management industry where in her spare time she could be found competing in road bike races, triathlons, duathlons and funding her love of these sports by teaching Spinning Classes at several high-end fitness clubs across the city of Toronto. 

Sport and movement has always been a huge part of Lynn’s life, and after seeing the effects of chronic disease first hand within her direct family growing up, in her mid-twenties she decided to change careers with the hope to one day change lives. Thus, Lynn’s focus is to ensure every human body has the ability to maximize its movement potential regardless of disease or disordered state. Through her Functional Performance Assessments, Lynn indentifies both her clients’ and patients’ functional and movement-based performance abilities, as well as any limitations. With regard to Low Back Pain, Lynn is skilled to categorize your most favourable position so that she can start prescribing a series of exercises that will help to reduce your pain right away. 

As a Registered Kinesiolgist, Lynn is qualified to provide both hands on strength and conditioning/exercise therapy as well as prescribing remedial self-led exercise/strength and conditioning exercise programs for clients across our life span. In many cases Lynn will work collaboratively with our team of other skilled practitioners, to help clients with complex chronic diseases reach their unique goals. Lynn is also qualified to perform a variety of sub maximal VO2 Max tests, muscular strength and endurance tests, skin-fold measurements, range of motion/flexibility assessments, balance and coordination tests, basic ergonomics and biomechanical workplace analyses, basic concussion screening (SCAT) and postural analysis. Along with her basic training in concussion screening, Lynn is skilled to assist with the interim monitoring and eventual return to play of an athlete whom is cleared by their treating physician to return to sport. 

Lynn has experience working with patients and clients transferring from basic ambulation after a catastrophic complex work, auto, sport or similarly related trauma all the way through to high performance athletes, including ageing competitive master’s athletes and athletes with special needs/chronic disease including amputees. Lynn’s process is to asses, re-asses and assess again for improvement. Lynn’s philosophy is that all of our body parts are intricately connected and as such the body needs to be treated as an entire unit. 

Yoga is a very special part of Lynn’s role as a Registered Kinesiologist, her life as a competitive athlete and to herself as a compassionate human. Lynn applies mindfulness, meditation, breath work and postural awareness to all of her work. Keeping this in mind, Lynn’s planning and programming always has sustainability in mind so that her clients and patients may one day become “physically autonomous”. Lynn’s hope is that everyone she works with will become a master of their own body and movement potential perhaps even beyond their teacher’s own mastery of their body. 

As a registered health professional, Lynn is required by the College of Kinesiologists of Ontario to follow a rigorous ethics and practice standard model that includes a yearly self-assessment multi-stage module along with goal setting for the year to come. The goal setting is not limited to, but may include taking courses, attending conferences and workshops, working with a mentor, engaging in required online training and webinars and various literature reviews. As a Professional Member of the NSCA, Lynn is in attendance at all of the local available strength and conditioning related conferences and symposiums offered in and around the GTA. Lynn is up to date on the latest evidence-based research and applications and if she does not have an answer for you, she won’t just admit it, she’ll reply, “Good question. I will definitely look into that on your behalf.” 

Sporting background: Judo, Hockey, Soccer, Cycling (Road), Triathlon and Duathlon – Sprint through Ironman (Swimming, Road Cycling and Running), and Master’s Swimming and Running. 
Interests: Research, documentaries or docu-dramas and music – both listening to and playing instruments such as the saxophone, piano and harmonica, 
Passionate about: Inspiring folks to take better care of themselves. 
Favourite Quote: “Nothing is so firmly believed as what we least know.” ~ Michel de Montaigne

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