Six Reasons to Add More Cooked Veggies to Your Life This Fall


Six Reasons to Add More Cooked Veggies to Your Life This Fall
  1. If you are hungry soon after eating, especially in the morning or after dinner, add two cups of cooked veggies to your meal. Cooked veggies are much higher in fiber, so they are better for satiety. 
  2. Fiber lowers insulin, the secret to ridding belly fat for good
  3. They reduce inflammation in the gut, which helps immunity and tackles belly fat from the inside- out 
  4. Reduces blood sugar, to reduce diabetes risk and improve your ability to burn fat
  5. Reduces cholesterol 
  6. Veggies aid in the removal of toxic estrogen in three main ways, fiber binds the estrogen for removal, broccoli contains DIM, that breaks down harmful estrogen in the liver and many veggies provide the nutrients needed for estrogen metabolism including vitamin B6, folate, potassium and magnesium.    

Need some inspiration for cooked veggies?

Some simple veggie options include:

  • Think salad greens and cucumber as not really counting much as they are lower in fiber – but you can mix cooked veggies into your salad – served hot or cold
  • Sauté one of the ready-to-go salads in a bag
  • I often use a mixture of frozen baby peas, sliced zucchini, and chopped broccoli sauteed in olive oil or coconut oil spray. I have also added fresh basil and tahini for flavor. 
  • Sautéed zucchini with sea salt and chili spices
  • Leftover veggies from the night before
  • Have a prepared vegetable soup and you can add more cooked vegetables to it. Look for veggie soups from Sprague’s’, Canada’s Own, Farm Boy, and other low fat, low carb options. Send me your finds!
  • Sautéed red pepper, green peas, and zucchini cooked in low-fat coconut milk, like Cha’s 
  • If you crave carbohydrates in the morning, try having some cooked lentils, cannelloni, or white beans. They can be in soups or cooked with sautéed vegetables. These are also super for blood sugar balance.
  • Start having vegetable soup daily as much as you can.  It counts as two cups of cooked veggies. I often eat it in the morning. I know it sounds just as strange as eggs for dinner but I do that too.

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