March 2019

Julie, a longstanding Clear Medicine patient was at the clinic yesterday and I was so inspired by her story I wanted to share with everyone.

Julie has been training for an all female Arctic expedition. She is a single mom, works full time, and still finds time to train for an admirable cause raising money to support the military veterans and their families. Julie, you are strong, healthy and an inspiration to all of us at Clear Medicine. I wish you luck as you start this adventure and we can’t wait to hear all about your expedition when you get back. Have fun, take time to breathe it all in and enjoy every minute. Good luck from all of us here at Clear Medicine

Hi Natasha,

Thank you for helping me to stay healthy and strong as I get ready to:

  • SNOWSHOE 100km across the ARCTIC CIRCLE in -5C to -25C temperatures (while pulling 40 lbs of gear and setting up camp daily)
  • to SUPPORT military VETERANS and their families
  • by RAISING OVER C$50,000 for True Patriot Love
  • with an exceptional ALL-FEMALE team of VETERANs  and CIVILIANS

The video says it all – watch here.

All female team making the trek.

We will be gone for two weeks and trekking/camping a minimum of 8 days.

Akshayuk Pass in Baffin Island (only 100 people go per year)
Julie training for Arctic trek

For more information and to donate please click here.

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