Clear Medicine Naturopathic Clinic, in Toronto has a new, personalized, easy to follow, structured and closely guided weight loss program that keeps you progressing week to week and avoids the dreaded weight loss plateau. Naturopathic Doctor Natasha Turner has advanced our foundation programs outlined in The Hormone DietThe Carb Sensitivity Program and The Hormone Boost and evolved to The Hormone Diet Approach To Ketosis and Fat loss – in a group setting for motivation and accountability! Prerequisite: The Hormone Diet Bootcamp 5-Week Course (I.e. The Hormone Diet Bootcamp course must be completed before attending this Group Weight Loss course)

An introduction from Dr. Natasha Turner ND to The Hormone Diet Approach to Ketosis and Fat Loss…

According to the latest research, about 96 percent of people tend to gain weight back—plus more— with the typical approach of cutting calories/exercising more. Clearly, this does not work and only leads to future weight gain, to say nothing of metabolic damage as thyroid hormones drop and precious metabolically active muscle is lost.

At 46, I have learned that the same weight loss tricks that worked at 30 years old, don’t always offer the same results now. So, just recently, I made it my mission to find a fat loss solution – that sticks! I still hold true to the principles of hormonal balance outlined in The Hormone Diet, but I have evolved the plan to specifically target the science of fat loss. My new approach with my patients is based on a philosophy that is simple: when you exercise less, I want to help you to eat less; and when you exercise more, I will guide you on the best food options—when you should eat more. Your dietary habits, how much you move, and how much you exercise are inseparable. I want you to start living each day by asking yourself this question: How much am I going to move today?

Your answer to this question will determine your diet habits for the day – including what you eat when you eat it and how much. You should let go of the mentality of adopting an “eat less, move more” approach as it sets us up for failure. The answer is simple – yet so commonly overlooked – when you move more, you should eat more. When you move less – you should eat less. The days you are sitting at your desk or not exercising, are the days we need to take in less so that our body uses the reserves stored in our body as fuel instead.

How can we eat less?

  • Most common – skip the sugar and all starchy carbs like bread, pasta, rice, potatoes.
  • Eat one less meal on the days you do not strength train, so three meals instead of four.
  • Stop eating by 6 – 7 PM at the latest!
  • Drop the most calorie dense food from at least one or two meals – and that is fats! So, when you are moving less, skip the egg yolks, cheese, nuts, avocado – as your body doesn’t need added energy. You will, however, still consume your required protein and two cups of vegetables at each meal. Remember – it is all about getting your body to a ketogenic state – i.e. Fat burning state and we can do this by moving more, eating fewer carbs and sugar, and eating fewer calories overall – but it should never be done by failing to eat the minimum protein we all need to maintain muscle mass (formula is based on your body weight and activity level).
  • Add a day or two per week of intermittent fasting (only if you have mastered your protein intake on the other days of the week).

In addition, the key to sticking with this new lifestyle is monitoring your energy, hunger, and cravings so we can adapt your plan to suit your results and how you feel.

Clear Medicine Group Weight Loss 5-Week Course

In our fun, interactive, motivating and supportive group setting, you will understand how to monitor your ENERGY, HUNGER CRAVINGS, and your FAT LOSS BIOMARKERS. You will then use the cutting edge, up to date information gained in the class sessions to learn how to adapt your plan to suit your results and how you feel. For instance, if you have increased hunger or cravings or decreased energy we may need to: increase protein, fiber or water-based foods; increase fat; increase starch and drop fat; increase fat and starch; or add snacks, etc. Overall you, right along with your group members, will become metabolic detectives together.  And strictly monitoring your fat burning metabolism will also ensure you keep-up your weekly progress.

Clear Medicine Weight-loss Program has been designed and is presented in such a way as each class builds upon the next, which helps to avoid the pitfalls from typical diets. Our crucial focus is also on optimizing metabolism via supporting:

  • the liver (our primary metabolic organ)
  • the thyroid (our major metabolic gland that produces thyroid hormones which regulate metabolism)
  • the muscles (our major metabolic tissue). Our weight loss program is truly SAFE FAT LOSS, it preserves metabolically active muscle, optimizes hydration and causes loss of stored body fat only.

We will hold you accountable and teach you the principles behind how the diet actually works – two essential keys to your success in the long term. Ultimately, you’ll master making the best choices for your metabolism – no matter where you are.

Clear Medicine Group Weight Loss – The Newest and Latest Program Created and Instructed By Dr. Natasha Turner ND:

  • Turner’s New Weight Loss Prescription
  • Weight Loss Challenges; Understanding Hunger and Cravings; Your Diet Tweaks and Intermittent Fasting
  • Two Essential Macro’s For Fat Loss and Eating Out Tweaks – Have a Favorite Restaurant? Bring the Menu!
  • Making Strength Come Easy; How To Get Your Body Ready For Exercise and Live Demonstration of Metabolic Training Workout (Suited to All Ages and Fitness Levels)
  • Metabolism Factors, The Hormones of Fat Loss, Energy and Strength; Metabolic Tweaks, Maintenance Diet and Weight Loss Supplements With Proven Results.
  • Post Weight Loss Class 5 – Individual appointment for your final Body Composition Analysis

Clear Medicine Group Weightloss Program Includes:

  1. 5 weekly group class sessions taught by Dr. Turner ND
  2. Free body composition testing to be completed within three weeks of after finishing the last class
  3. Weight Loss Kit – that includes all your weight loss essentials required to be successful in the course

Program Add-on (Additional fees apply): Dr. Turner ND has partnered with Dyna Care Laboratories to provide our patients with access to a specialized list of blood tests, selected by her, and only available throughout Ontario to patients of Clear Medicine.

  • The Hormone Diet Wellness Panel (Additional fees apply): This panel of tests includes those listed in The Hormone Diet,  assesses your hormones and all of the aspects of metabolism including liver function tests, thyroid hormones, inflammatory markers, metabolic syndrome parameters and all the vitamins and minerals essential in your lasting wellness. It is the most comprehensive option for blood tests.
  • The Hormone Diet Weight Loss Panel (Additional fees apply): This panel of tests assesses all the the factors that impact metabolism including liver function tests, thyroid hormones, inflammatory markers, metabolic syndrome parameters and all the vitamins and minerals involved in fat loss.

Program Add-on (Additional fees apply): We are all about building strength, increasing energy and maintaining bone and muscle mass. While you can prevent muscle loss by following our dietary approach, strength training is the secret to preventing the natural decline in metabolism we experience over time. In fact, our style of training can reduce the risk of metabolic slow-down naturally associated with age by up to 50%! Master The Hormone Diet workout, a highly effective and unique style of training that elicits the perfect hormonal response to build muscle, burn fat and avoids excess cortisol associated with over-training,  with one of our Strength Training Specialists.  We welcome you to book a free consult with our strength specialist.

Upcoming Dates

October/ November 2020

Class Time: 6:40 pm (free parking on Dupont as of 6:30 pm)
Class Commences: To be announced

*Reminder the Prerequisite to this course: The Hormone Diet Bootcamp 5-Week Course (I.e. The Hormone Diet Bootcamp course must be completed before attending this Group Weight Loss course)


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