Join Dr. Natasha Turner ND for An Exclusive New Year Edition of The 5-Week Hormone Diet Bootcamp Beginning January 29th and 30th, 2020

This one-time-of-the-year-only program includes: 

Two weeks to complete the New York Times Bestselling and US News Best diet of 2019 Supercharged Hormone Diet Detox 

The third week of detox which identifies your food sensitivities

Two weeks of Dr. Turner’s  latest work, The Hormone Diet Approach to Ketosis and Fat Loss

*This program can be modified to suit Plant-Based, Vegan or Vegetarian style


For the first time, Dr. Turner ND will be blending her Supercharged Hormone Diet Bootcamp (which just made the US News Best Diet list – again!) and her Hormone Diet Approach to Ketosis, which avoids all the pitfalls and harmful effects of “The Keto Diet”, into this special New Year – New You Hormone Diet Bootcamp.

This course contains a plethora of new information and practical tips to help you detox your liver and aid digestion before moving into an accelerated, safe fat-loss and ketosis program.  The Hormone Diet Bootcamp is taught by a Naturopathic Doctor so the majority of the program fees are covered under your health insurance provider under Naturopathic Services. Please check your individual provider to confirm.

Now, with over 1500 successfully transformed Bootcampers in Toronto, and almost 10,000 patients over the past 10 years completing our individual 5-week program, we are proud to say that The Hormone Diet is one of the top naturopathic wellness programs in Canada. In FIVE short weeks, you will build the foundation for better hormonal health.

Dr. Turner ND’s passion and fascination about the interconnectedness of hormones and the number of bodily functions they influence fostered the motivation behind her first book, The Hormone Diet. She found her own issues of hormonal imbalance and early experiences in clinical practice swiftly demonstrated the standard treatment for a seemingly uncomplicated hormonal issue such as low metabolism/thyroid hormone (a.k.a subclinical hypothyroidism, currently estimated to impact as many as four out of 13) or full-blown hypothyroidism—via simply replacing thyroid hormone—was by no means the complete solution. In fact, it was frighteningly inadequate in many cases.

So while many of us believe we can get healthy by losing weight. The truth is we must be healthy to lose weight. The first three weeks of the Supercharged Detox in this program will tackle four of the imbalances that disrupt your health, thyroid, metabolism, and wellness including excess estrogen, insulin, cortisol, and inflammation. This 3- week detox process is for everyone because, unlike so many other “diet” programs these days, The Supercharged Hormone Diet Detox offers a complete wellness plan that addresses every cause of health imbalance because it promotes vital bodily functions from head to toe, inside and out.

Moving on to Weeks Four and Five: According to the latest research, about 96 percent of people tend to gain weight back—plus more— with the typical approach of cutting calories/exercising more. Clearly, this does not work and only leads to future weight gain, to say nothing of metabolic damage as thyroid hormones drop and precious metabolically active muscle is lost.

At 46, Dr. Turner ND learned that the same weight loss tricks that worked at 30 years old, don’t always offer the same results now. So, just recently she made it her mission to find a fat loss solution – that sticks! While she still holds true to the principles of hormonal balance outlined in The Hormone Diet, it has now evolved to specifically target the science of fat loss.

Her new approach with patients is based on a philosophy that is simple: when you exercise less or do not wish to exercise, she will help you to eat less; and when you exercise more, she will guide you on the best food options—when you should eat more. Your dietary habits, how much you move, and how much you exercise are inseparable. You will learn to start living each day by asking yourself this question: How much am I going to move today?

Your answer to this question will determine your diet habits for the day – including what you eat when you eat it and how much. You should let go of the mentality of adopting an “eat less, move more” approach as it sets us up for failure. The answer is simple – yet so commonly overlooked.

Course Outline:

Pre-Bootcamp Individual Assessment with Dr. Turner ND: Designed to set the stage for your success! Your Best Body Assessment will uncover your metabolic rate, muscle mass, waist-to-hip ratio, adrenal stress and body fat percentage. Do you need to gain muscle? Is your current body composition placing you at risk for diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis and/or obesity?

Group sessions:

Detox Week 1 – Begin Your Detox:

  • Discover the five most common hormonal imbalances: high insulin, high cortisol, toxic estrogen, low thyroid and inflammation (not a hormonal imbalance but inflammation influences how your hormones work and your ability to lose weight).
  • How to optimize your digestion and optimize liver function via detox
    The Supercharged Hormone DietDetox prescription – including permitted foods, recipes, Wellness Tracker to ensure your success. 
  • The Hormone Diet recommended blood and urine Tests to assess gut health, inflammation, metabolism and hormones. Start your year right by completing pro-active medical testing.

Detox Week 2 – Repair and Rejuvenate:

  • What happens when your body is acidic
  • How your sleep affects your hormones, appetite and cravings
  • Recommendations to combat sleep problems and natural sleep aids
  • Identifying the signs of stress and adrenal gland burnout

Detox Week 3 – Transition Week From Your Detox:

  • Eliminate gas, bloating, headaches, water retention, puffy eyes and more by identifying your food sensitivities
  • How to avoid hidden sugars and carbs
  • Best fiber sources to flatten your stomach
  • Reading nutrition labels – carb conscious grocery shopping

Hormonally Balanced Ketosis and Fat Loss Week 4 – The Hormone Diet Approach To ketosis and Fat Loss:

  • What is ketosis? Measuring ketones?
  • The importance of choosing the proper fat-loss plan for safe fat loss – which prevents loss of muscle, metabolic damage, stress, starvation and hormone imbalance
  • All the specifics for Dr. Natasha Turner’s Hormone Diet Approach to Ketosis including permitted foods and daily diet plan

Hormonally Balanced Ketosis and Fat Loss Week 5

  • Tips for cravings, hunger, and energy
  • How is your metabolism – recognizing the signs of hormonal imbalance and metabolic issues.
  • Diet and nutrition guidelines to keep you successful and on track over your holidays and beyond
  • The most effective exercise program for fat loss and preserving muscle
  • Tips to consume enough protein – incredibly useful as we find most people are NOT reaching daily guidelines for protein consumption

Post-Bootcamp Individual Assessment with Dr. Turner ND: Book an appointment for your final weigh-in and Best Body Assessment. Continue to work with one of our Naturopaths or Nutritionists one-on-one to discuss your specific blood values, results of your hormonal health profile and any health concerns, if desired.

Highly Recommended Program Add-on (Additional fees apply)Dr. Turner ND has partnered with Gamma Dyna Care Laboratories to provide our patients with access to a specialized list of blood tests, selected by her, and only available throughout Ontario to patients of Clear Medicine.

  • The Hormone Diet Weight Loss Panel: This panel of tests assesses all the factors that impact metabolism including liver function tests, thyroid hormones, inflammatory markers, metabolic syndrome parameters and all the vitamins and minerals involved in fat loss.  A test to assess bacterial imbalance in the gut – a major cause of weight loss resistance, bloating, inflammation and immune imbalance are also included in this panel.

Program Add-on (Additional fees apply): We are all about building strength, increasing energy and maintaining bone and muscle mass. While you can prevent muscle loss by following our dietary approach, strength training is the secret to preventing the natural decline in metabolism we experience over time. In fact, our style of training can reduce the risk metabolic slow-down naturally associated with age by up to 50%! Master The Hormone Diet workout, a highly effective and unique style of training that elicits the perfect hormonal response to build muscle, burn fat and avoids excess cortisol associated with over-training, with one of our Strength Training Specialists. Although cortisol conscious workouts are currently listed as a trend for 2019 – we have been promoting workout for 10 years! Our workouts are Hormone Conscious workouts – they don’t’ spike cortisol or lower thyroid hormones – and they are focused on the hormones like DHEA and growth hormone that slow anti-aging, increase strength and boost energy.

Call or email us to register, pricing or for more information.

Upcoming Dates:

Class Time: 6:40 pm (free parking on Dupont as of 6:30 pm)
Class Commences: Wednesday, January 29, 2019

Class Time: 11:30 pm – 12:30pm
Class Commences: Thursday, January  30, 2019 (please note we need a minimum of 12 participants)


Clear Medicine: 123 Dupont Street Toronto, On, M5R 1V4

Please call 416-579-9105 or contact clinic@clearmedicine.com for pricing and more information. 

 Cancellation policy: Cancellation must occur seven days prior to the course.  Refunds will be subject to a 10% cancellation fee and no refunds are available after the first class has started. 


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