Special Edition of The Hormone Diet Bootcamp

Summer 2020 in Nova Scotia

It’s A Down-East “Kitchen Party” & Everyone’s Welcome!

 July/August 2020

We will celebrate the completion of the first edition of the Nova Scotia Hormone Diet Bootcamp with a special potluck the last class. You can make your favourite Supercharged Hormone Diet recipes!


Tidnish Community Centre 

4358 NS-366, Amherst, NS B4H 3X9

Best of all, the Bootcamp is taught by a naturopathic doctor so the majority of the program fees is covered under your health insurance provider under Naturopathic Services. Please check your individual provider to confirm. Another bonus – you get all the basic detox supplements included as well as a copy of The Supercharged Hormone Diet.

With now over 1500 successfully transformed Bootcampers in Toronto, we are proud to say that The Hormone Diet Bootcamp is one of the top naturopathic wellness programs in Canada. In FIVE short weeks, you will build the foundation for better hormonal health. This group program is based on Naturopathic Doctor Natasha Turner’s The Hormone Diet and The Supercharged Hormone Diet books.

Dr. Turner ND’s passion and fascination about the interconnectedness of hormones and the number of bodily functions they influence fostered the motivation behind her first book, The Hormone Diet. She found her own issues of hormonal imbalance and early experiences in clinical practice swiftly demonstrated the standard treatment for a seemingly uncomplicated hormonal issue such as low metabolism/thyroid hormone (a.k.a subclinical hypothyroidism, currently estimated to impact as many as 4 out of 13) or full-blown hypothyroidism—via simply replacing thyroid hormone—was by no means the complete solution. In fact, it was frighteningly inadequate in many cases.

Today, at Clear Medicine Naturopathic Clinic, we rarely rush to treat thyroid deficiency right away. Instead we start by working to detoxify our patient’s liver and digestive system that influences the production of active thyroid hormone; to balance stress hormones with good sleep and stress management; to level out blood sugar and insulin; to replenish the nutrients needed to make essential hormones; and to address hormone imbalance, which impact vitality and wellness.

The Hormone Diet Bootcamp: Curb Cravings, Beat Belly Fat and Feel Younger Longer

And so from Natasha Turner, Naturopathic Doctor, bestselling books, the 5-Week Hormone Diet Bootcamp was born. This interactive, engaging and effective group approach has allowed hundreds of participants to successfully determine why they haven’t been able to beat those stubborn pounds and, most importantly, attain total health. It outlines a strategy that ensures hard work in the gym and a healthy kitchen is rewarded in the way you’ve always hoped they would be.

The mere mention of “hormones” can conjure images of menopausal women or nefarious food additives. Indeed, many patients seek to address these specific concerns. But this program is definitely not only for those with hormonal issues. It is not even strictly directed at people seeking to lose weight. We have used this approach to successfully treat thousands of patients with a broad spectrum of health goals. Some needed to gain much-needed muscle. Others wanted healthier looking skin. Still, others wanted to get rid of headaches, improve their sleep, ease their digestion, increase their energy, improve their fertility or sharpen their memory.

While many of us believe we can get healthy by losing weight. The truth is we must be healthy to lose weight. When you complete the steps outlined in this 5-week plan, you will optimize your hormonal balance, lose unwanted fat and restore your health in the process. This process is for everyone because, unlike so many other “diet” programs these days, The Hormone Diet Bootcamp offers a complete wellness plan that addresses every cause of health imbalance because it promotes vital bodily functions from head to toe, inside and out.

I recently wrote a blog All The Ways That The Hormone Diet Tackles Belly Fat. Please read it here. 

View successful case studies here. 

Program Overview:

Pre-Bootcamp individual assessment completed by Dr. Turner ND including:

    • Body composition testing by medical grade bio-impedance machine, which allows the determination of the following factors essential to your health and wellness:
      • Fat mass – the number of pounds of fat you have and may need to lose. Most men should have 35 – 40 pounds of body fat, while most women should have 25 – 35 pounds, depending on their height.
      • Your lean body mass – which indicates if you simply need to maintain the muscle you have or need to gain more muscle for your frame to be metabolically healthy.
      • Your hydration – find out if you are dehydrated or retaining water.
      • Your electrolyte balance – this fancy (and expensive!) machine measures intra-cellular versus extra-cellular water balance (60% of the water in your body should be inside your cells; a.k.a intra-cellular water).
      • Your cellular health – the number one indicator of your overall wellness.
      • Your basal metabolic rate – the number of calories you burn daily – doing nothing!
    • Testing to establish your body’s ability to handle stress and your energy reserves (adrenal gland/stress gland status).
    • Your risk for type II diabetes and heart disease as the exact number of pounds of fat and the number of inches off your belly you need to lose to restore your health and age the best you can age are identified.

In a nutshell, this comprehensive assessment sets your true benchmarks, areas of needed improvement and clarifies your goals to be tackled during, and possibly after, the program.

Class Session Week 1: Begin Your Hormone Diet Detox

    • Receive your program materials including:
      • Supplements: Clear Detox-Hormonal Health, Clear Detox-Digestive Health and Clear Flora
      • pH testing papers
      • Program reference binder and wellness tracker
      • The Supercharged Hormone Diet softcover book
    • Discover the five most common harmful, health disrupting imbalances and the symptoms of each: high insulin, high cortisol, excess toxic estrogen, low thyroid and inflammation.
      • How the Hormone Diet detox supplement and diet plan optimizes your digestion and liver function, which is essential to safe fat loss and creating the gateway to a successful health reset
      • The Supercharged Hormone Diet Detox prescription – including permitted foods and meal plan, supplement prescription and new tips from Dr. T for accelerated fat loss

Class Session Week 2: Repair and Rejuvenate

  • What happens when your body is acidic?
  • Is a deficiency of stomach acid causing your bloating, indigestion, gas, burping, sluggish digestion, hair loss or poor mineral absorption?
  • How your sleep affects your hormones, appetite and cravings and how your hormones affect your sleep.
  • The rules for sleep – and, yes, there is a proper way to sleep.
  • Recommendations to combat sleep problems and effective natural sleep aids which have no risk of side effects.
  • Stress management techniques that really work.

Class Session Week 3: Transition Week from Your Detox

  • Eliminate gas, bloating, headaches, water retention, puffy eyes and more – for good – by discovering your food sensitivities.
  • How to avoid hidden sugars and beat cravings.
  • Best fiber sources to flatten your stomach.
  • Never make a bad shopping choice again or question if something is good for you! Perfect your grocery shopping skills by learning the ins-and-outs of label reading and the amount of protein, carb and fat you should look for in products.

Class Session Week 4: The Hormone Diet Lifestyle – Learn the Rules of Eating for Hormonal Balance for Fat Loss, Energy and Hormone Balance

  • Master the diet rules that teach you how to eat at the right times, in the right combinations and in the right amounts for fat loss, energy, stress hormone balance and preserving muscle.
  • Your best selections for protein, carb and fat sources.
  • Nutrition tips to increase energy, prevent cravings and remain slim.

Class Session Week 5: The Workout Rules That Optimize the Hormones for Fat Loss, Building Muscle and Increasing Metabolism; Your Steps Post-Bootcamp

  • Discover the most common workout mistakes that perpetuate belly fat rather than rid it – or cause the dreaded “skinny -fat”.
  • The importance of cheating to still lose weight.
  • The weekly workout prescription for men and women that optimizes growth of muscle, spurs loss of fat and doesn’t increase your stress hormones.
  • Recommendations for holidays, dining out and staying on track.
  • Recommendations for counteracting falling off your diet and preventing sliding backwards.
  • We will have a potluck using your favourite Supercharged Hormone Diet recipes to celebrate a successful bootcamp!

Cost: please contact us for pricing

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