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Clear Medicine, founded by one of Canada’s top Naturopathic Doctor’s, Natasha Turner, is a Toronto based Naturopathic Wellness Clinic. We specialize in  5-Week Wellness Programs and metabolically safe, hormonally-balanced weight loss. Most importantly, our programs are based on the #1 bestselling book The Hormone Diet, and the NYT bestselling book The Supercharged Hormone Diet. We provide naturopathic medicine, detoxification, holistic nutrition, osteopathy and pelvic floor physiotherapy, Nutrient IV therapy in our IV lounge, medically prescribed personal training sessions and infrared sauna therapy. Our focus is to restore your strength, energy and wellness. Clear Medicine professionally formulated supplements are of the potency and effectiveness typical of products only available through doctors and pharmacists.  Clear Medicine products are available only through our clinic and online at

We would like to welcome you to Clear Medicine and congratulate you for taking steps to improve your health and wellness. Please take your time to browse through the site to see all the programs and services we offer and should you have further questions or comments please do not hesitate to call or email as we are always available to guide you on your journey.

Our thorough approach to patient care is based on a treatment paradigm that has helped thousands of patients optimize their hormones improve their metabolism, and restore total health. We believe in restoring health utilizing a combination of four therapies – naturopathy and nutrition (to restore optimal body functions) and osteopathy and strength training (to restore optimal body structure and movement).

We work together as an integrated health care team – which means you will have one file shared amongst us all. Our goal is to ensure you get the best results possible. We ensure this objective is reached by working as an integrated healthcare team on your case and discussing cases as needed. We also conduct regular meetings to review patient cases. This ensures that you receive the benefit of the entire Clear Medicine team, including Dr. Turner ND’s input, consistency in the Clear Medicine philosophy of care and a truly integrative healthcare practice.

The services and programs we offer at Clear Medicine are:



To become a patient at our naturopathic clinic in Toronto please call us today 416-579-9105 text 647-515-9105 or email for more information.

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