Why The 2019 Fall Edition of The Hormone Diet Bootcamp™ is going to be the best 5-Week Course Yet!


Why The 2019 Fall Edition of The Hormone Diet Bootcamp™ is going to be the best 5-Week Course Yet!

When I completed the summer edition of The Hormone Diet Bootcamp™, my creative juices got flowing while being at home, with my family, and by the ocean. So, each week I was updating the information of the course taught for the past 11 years and I feel that I have really nailed the content.

I want to highlight some of the updates for you- past boot campers – and new potential attendees – to encourage you to consider participating in my upcoming, and one and only remaining 5-week session of 2019.

Here’s what new:

  1. I meet with you personally to do the pre-assessment one-on-one. While this has typically been done by one of my staff in past Bootcamp sessions, I have come to realize that I can get the treatment started and learn so much when I assess you. And, it’s always nice to see your face before the in-class session begin.
  • In week one, I’ve updated The Hormone Diet and The Supercharged Hormone Diet detox. I’ve created additional suggestions to help accelerate fat loss and food tips to prevent hunger during these first two weeks of the program. I also came up with new recipes that are delicious and made in one pot!
  • In week two, I’ve added plenty of new information on cortisol and how it’s impacted by your dietary habits, your workouts and its impact on your thyroid.
  • In week three, I now include the exact exercise prescription that you need to follow according to The Hormone Diet rules. Learn to prevent muscle loss and avoid an increase in cortisol that suppresses thyroid function and increases belly fat.

You will receive the weekly exercise prescription should you start to get active. This is a big change from past editions, where I always spoke about exercise during week five. My Nova Scotia Bootcamp group this summer was so keen that they all wanted to get moving at the beginning of the program so I made this great update.

  • In week four, I’ve completely revamped the way that I explain the principles of The Hormone Diet nutrition post-detox and ongoing for daily life. It’s easy to understand and you will walk away with a wealth of knowledge on the absolute best protein, carb and fat choices and how to modify these selections based on your activity level, and your food sensitivities.
  • In week five, I’ve created a completely new lecture on ketosis and fat loss. You will learn the safe approach to ketosis and how to avoid the pitfalls of the big trends out there such as The Keto Diet, severe caloric restriction and Intermittent Fasting. I’ve also included tips to keep you on track moving forward, on holidays, and on how to get back on track if you’ve suffered a setback.

In the 11 years of offering this course, I have met so many amazing people. Many men and women walk through our doors unsure of what to expect and week-by-week they experience a truly remarkable transformation. Bootcampers love the high energy vibe and positivity of the group class. Our weekly emails with the course notes and all communications are always greatly appreciated and keep everyone on track.

The program is covered by extended health benefits. We encourage you to check with your provider to make sure naturopathic medicine is covered.  Extended Insurance receipts will be presented at the end of the program, includes two consults are done one-on-one and five group sessions for seven sessions ($525.00 in total). If you were to see Dr. Turner ND one on one for seven sessions it would be almost three times the cost of the course fee.

On top of the course cost, there is a Hormone Diet Bootcamp™ kit cost, which includes my detox supplements and materials to complete the class series. The cost for the kit is $240+ tax (typically not covered by insurance plans).

Grand total is $796.20 (with up to $525 reimbursable).

To learn more about the weekly class content read here:

To learn about two successful bootcampers I wrote case studies on read here:

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