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As your partner in preventative healthcare, Clear Medicine and its network of practitioners will provide innovative wellness solutions that empower our patients to achieve clear strength, clear balance, and clear health - for life.

Clear Medicine Professional Supplement Line

Our Clear Medicine professional line of supplements is formulated by using only the highest quality ingredients, exceptional potency and backed by the latest groundbreaking science to optimize your health, support your detox, and help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Clear Medicine Wellness Programs

Our individualized wellness treatment paradigm is based on Dr. Turner ND’s New York Times Bestselling books. We begin the process of restoring the foundation of your health and hormonal balance using the philosophies of The Hormone Diet and The Supercharged Hormone Diet, and by tackling the five most common hormonal imbalances that disrupt our health and aging.

Clear Medicine Weight-loss Programs

Unique to Clear Medicine our structured weight loss program is safe, effective, and most importantly not metabolically harmful. This means your energy, strength, and metabolism actually increases during the process of fat-loss, while other commercial weight loss programs can set you up for future health concerns. Our plan is sustainable - it is NOT a crash diet. We teach you how to modify your movement and your diet while you keep living your life.

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