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Our goal is to be a trusted resource and partner in your investment and efforts required to improve health and wellness. We formed Clear Medicine Wellness Boutique in Toronto, in 2008, with a treatment paradigm rooted in providing personalized, practical, achievable, and effective solutions to our patients.

Clear Medicine Programs

We have found that most of our patients can benefit by enrolling in one of our structured treatment programs. We work to address the five most common imbalances linked to aging and health disruption. Your nutrition, supplement, exercise, and Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Prescription (if deemed suitable) have been selected to hel p to manage inflammation, chronic stress, blood sugar and insulin imbalance, excess toxic estrogen, and suboptimal thyroid hormones that may negatively impact mood and metabolism.

Clear Medicine Fat Loss

"Nutritional Ketosis" is our newest clinical program and we believe it is the only metabolically safe approach to "Keto". The essential nature of this is program is based on preserving muscle. This means energy, strength, and metabolism may be maintained during the transformation process, which is in contrast to weight loss prescriptions that often involve excessive caloric restriction, insufficient protein intake, and monitoring based simply on the bathroom scale. We teach one basic principle, in our lifestyle-based approach: the amount we move daily drives how much we need and should eat.

Welcome to Clear Medicine. We established ourselves as Toronto’s first Wellness Boutique when we opened in 2008. Because we are set in a townhouse and quiet spot that borders the neighborhoods of Yorkville, The Annex, Rosedale and Forest Hill – we just might be right. We are a small team. We work cohesively with a belief in a process of patient care that is centered on restoring and optimizing strength, energy, immunity, and body composition and a proactive and preventative approach to maintaining wellness. Our services include In-person and virtual,  Bio-identical Hormone Replacement, Naturopathic Medicine (currently for those in Ontario only) sessions, IV Therapy, Acupuncture, Virtual Strength Training and Conditioning, our exclusive Clear Medicine Professional Supplement Line, and Infrared Sauna Therapy in our Saunaray Sauna is available at this location. We feel this specific selection of therapeutic modalities, implement in synergy with the care provided by your medical doctor, may form the essential elements required to promote and maintain lasting wellness.

It is our programs, however, that may be identified as one aspect of our approach that sets us apart from the wellness clinic “milieu”. Our methods are based on Natasha Turner’s bestselling books, including The Hormone Diet and The New York Times bestseller, The Supercharged Hormone Diet.

We are partnered with Dynacare labs and believe extensive medical testing is vital to identify health imbalances, to assess your treatment progress and effectiveness. We also recommend retesting of abnormal results to monitor the potential return to an optimal range.

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