Lose Fat. Gain Strength. Boost Your Metabolism with The Hormone Diet Bootcamp!

The Hormone Diet Bootcamp: Curb Cravings, Beat Belly Fat and Feel Younger Longer

With now over 1000 successfully transformed bootcampers, we are proud to say that The Hormone Diet Bootcamp is one of the top wellness programs in Canada. In FIVE short weeks you will build the foundation for better hormonal health.

Dr. Turner ND’s passion and fascination about the interconnectedness of hormones and the number of bodily functions they influence fostered the motivation behind her first book, The Hormone Diet. She found her own issues of hormonal imbalance and early experiences in clinical practice swiftly demonstrated the standard treatment for a seemingly uncomplicated hormonal issue such as low metabolism/thyroid hormone (a.k.a subclinical hypothyroidism, currently estimated to impact as many as 4 out of 13) or full-blown hypothyroidism—via simply replacing thyroid hormone—was by no means the complete solution. In fact, it was frighteningly inadequate in many cases.

Today, at Clear Medicine, we rarely rush to treat thyroid deficiency right away. Instead we start by working to detoxify our patient’s liver and digestive system that influences the production of active thyroid hormone; to balance stress hormones with good sleep and stress management; to level out blood sugar and insulin; to replenish the nutrients needed to make essential hormones; and to address hormone imbalance, which impact vitality and wellness.

And so from Dr. Turner ND’s bestselling books, the 5-Week Hormone Diet Bootcamp was born. This interactive and engaging group approach has allowed hundreds of participants to successfully determine why they haven’t been able to beat those stubborn pounds and, most importantly, attain total health. It outlines a strategy that ensures hard work in the gym and a healthy kitchen is rewarded in the way you’ve always hoped they would be.

 The mere mention of “hormones” can conjure images of menopausal women or nefarious food additives. Indeed, many patients seek to address these specific concerns. But this program is definitely not only for those with hormonal issues. It is not even strictly directed at people seeking to lose weight. We have used this approach to successfully treat thousands of patients with a broad spectrum of health goals. Some needed to gain much-needed muscle. Others wanted healthier looking skin. Still others wanted to get rid of headaches, improve their sleep, ease their digestion, increase their energy, improve their fertility or sharpen their memory.

While many of us believe we can get healthy by losing weight. The truth is we must be healthy to lose weight. When you complete the steps outlined in this 5-week plan, you will optimize your hormonal balance, lose unwanted fat and restore your health in the process. This process is for everyone because, unlike so many other “diet” programs these days, The Hormone Diet Bootcamp offers a complete wellness plan that addresses every cause of health imbalance because it promotes vital bodily functions from head to toe, inside and out.

Best of all, the bootcamp is taught by a naturopathic doctor so the majority of the program fees is covered under your health insurance provider under Naturopathic Services. Please check your individual provider to confirm. Another bonus – you get all the basic detox supplements included as well as a copy of The Supercharged Hormone Diet. As a bonus, bootcamp participants also receive Dr. Turner ND’s new book The Hormone Boost.

A Proven Method for Restoring Health Balance!


Designed to set the stage for your success and to identify your transformation goals,  the Bootcamp process begins with Dr. Turner ND’s Best Body Assessment. This one-on-one evaluation uncovers your metabolic rate, muscle mass, waist-to-hip ratio and body fat percentage. It also answers these vital questions: Do you need to gain muscle? How many pounds of fat do you need to lose? What is your ideal weight? Are you well hydrated? Is your current body composition placing you at risk for diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis and/or obesity?

Week 1 - Begin Your Detox
  • Understand the signs and symptoms of the most common imbalances that cause weight gain and prevent weight loss, including excess insulin, high cortisol, toxic estrogen and inflammation.
  • Learn the essential link between good digestion, your ability to lose weight and restore hormonal health.
  • Discover the importance of optimal liver function for hormone balance and metabolism.
  • Obtain a clear explanation of the detox nutrition and supplement plan in Step 1 of The Hormone Diet.
Week 2 - Repair and Rejuvenate
  • Continue to build on the process, initiated in week one, which aims to rid all possible causes of belly bloat. Could low stomach acid be contributing to your heartburn, indigestion, constipation, chronically low iron, hair loss, recurrent yeast infections?
  • How your sleep affects your hormones, appetite and cravings – and how your hormones affect your sleep.
  • Dr. Turner ND’s 4-step sleep solution, including natural sleep aids that work – without side effects.
  • Identify your symptoms of chronic stress and gain solutions that can work within just days or weeks.
Week 3 - Transition Week From Your Detox
  • The transition stage from the detox, which sets the Hormone Diet approach apart from most other diets.  It highlights the process of identifying food allergies – often the missing link between certain foods and how they make you look and feel. At the end of this week, you will gain the information necessary to individualize your dietary prescription in the upcoming step.
  • Understand nutrition labels and hormonally balanced grocery shopping.
  • Best fiber sources to flatten your stomach
Week 4 - Learn the Rules of Eating for Hormonal Balance
  • Step 2 of The Hormone Diet, hormonally balanced nutrition for fat loss, energy and freedom from cravings.
  • The best protein, fat and carb selections for hormonally balanced meals.
  • Learn to consume the right foods, at the right time and in the right amounts to optimize hormones.
Week 5 - Next Steps and Hormone Optimization Training
  • Recap: Is your diet hormonally balanced?
  • Why cravings are never normal.
  • Why a one-a-week cheat meal is essential for ongoing hormonal health and weight loss.
  • The 10 most common mistakes that sabotage the results of your workouts.
  • The Hormone Diet workout prescription that stimulates metabolism, increases – but never depletes – energy levels, maintains weight loss results, stimulates the hormones that burn fat and build muscle, avoids the stress caused by excess exercise,  and puts an end to wasted time and effort expended in workouts that fail to allow the hormonal response behind the results you are striving for.

The follow-up one-on-one Best Body Assessment to establish your results and new potential areas of focus. After the Bootcamp, we recommend continuing with Dr. Turner ND or one of her ND associates to discuss blood test results, hormonal health profile scores, current healthy concerns or to re-assess your body composition and adrenal stress tests at least once a season. If your on-going goal is fat loss, you should expect to see results week-after-week. If your weight-loss stalls or you fail to achieve results while you feel you are following the nutrition plan explained in the final classes of the Bootcamp, book a ND or a Nutrition appointment so your program can be altered to match your metabolic state.

Bootcamp (Daytime and Evening Group)

The program includes a one hour lecture, presented over five consecutive weeks. All classes are taught by Dr. Natasha Turner ND and the Clear Medicine Team. The classes take place at 123 Dupont Street, corner Davenport Road in Toronto. Payment and pre-registration is required to reserve your spot.


For pricing information or to register, please email or call 416.579.9105. If you are interested in a live webinar please contact us as well. We appreciate that a lot of our clients live outside of Toronto.

Note: Cancellations must occur seven days prior to the first bootcamp class to avoid a 10% administrative fee. Sign up for our complimentary newsletter for information on all upcoming events.

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