Clear Medicine Health and Wellness Reset – A Four Week Program

This program is for returning patients and includes four appointments.

Our health reset program will help –

~ Boost energy

~ Set health and wellness goals

~ Get your metabolism revving

~ Get your food and nutrition on track

The key for this program is individuality – striking the right balance of the right foods for the right person. Your ND and Allison (our nutritionist) will work with you to set goals according to your own individual concerns. There is a commitment to help restore metabolism and replenish the body by phasing out food that increases inflammation and reactivity due to toxicity, allergies, hormonal imbalance and nutritional deficiencies or excesses. And your program will conclude with the perfect nutrition solution for you to boost your thyroid, metabolism, energy and to lower insulin and cortisol.


1.   A 30-minute appointment with Naturopathic Doctors, Dr. Khoury or Dr. Campbell. During this appointment, your ND will determine your progress goals – if you need to improve hydration, increase muscle, improve electrolyte imbalance, water retention, dehydration, waist size and muscle mass. Based on these variables the right dietary prescription will be set for you which will then be implemented the following week by our Nutritionist.

2.   A 30-minute appointment with holistic nutritionist Allison.

3.   A follow up 30-minute appointment with Naturopathic Doctors

4.   A 30 minute follow up nutrition appointment with holistic nutritionist Allison.

We know life is busy and hectic and often health gets neglected…we want to make it easy for you by offering phone consultations for all of the appointments. Of course, if you prefer to attend all appointments in clinic that is great too. 

Cost – $315 for the entire program.

We recommend seeing your Naturopathic doctor at minimum once a season. If you have extended health benefits to use up this is a perfect excuse to see us and set some health and wellness goals.

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