**This is for returning patients only**

Who benefits?

Have you been feeling sluggish, tired, bloated, poor sleep, low vitality or digestive concerns? Or perhaps gaining more and more belly fat and experiencing increased cravings and failing to get results from your exercise – or perhaps not exercising?

Did you know you can be free of cravings in just a few days? Lose up to eight pounds of fat in a month and reset your energy, digestion and wellness with our focused and motivating guidance. Add extensive blood testing to your reset to get the total service inside and out!

Any Clear Medicine patient that feels they need a health and wellness reset. If you are feeling any of the symptoms of burn out or generally just feel the need to come in and re-evaluate your health and wellness goals this is for you.

Anyone that has:

  • Sleep issues
  • Stress
  • Fatigue or Lethargy
  • Bloating
  • Digestive issues
  • Allergies
  • Headaches
  • Mood concerns
  • Acne, Eczema or other skin conditions
  • Low energy
  • Weight gain
  • Burn Out
  • Brain Fog 
  • Frequent infections

How does it work?

In our 4-week program you will receive a diet personalized for you, to get your energy, strength and leanness back. A personalized supplement program based on your current health concerns and what we observe clinically. Your workout needs to be tailored to your current stress state and desired goals – we all should be building muscle and losing fat as we age. Staying strong is the secret.

Your Naturopathic Doctor and Holistic Nutritionist will work with you to set goals according to your own individual concerns. There is a commitment to help restore your energy, metabolism and brain-power. We will replenish your body by

  • optimize digestion, sleep and quell inflammation and reactivity due to toxicity, allergies, hormonal imbalance and nutritional deficiencies or excesses.
  • After restoring your energy and focus by your program will leave you with a personalized supplement, nutrition and workout plan to support your strength, workouts, thyroid, metabolism and energy and will ensure insulin and cortisol balance.

After the reset, we recommend you see us once a season so that we can reassess your health concerns, adrenal function and body composition.

What’s included?

Four appointments in total.

Two 30-minute appointments with a naturopathic doctor

Two 30-minute appointments with holistic nutritionist

We recommend seeing your Naturopathic doctor at minimum once a season.

Please note:

  • If you have extended health benefits, then part of this program may be reimbursed. We recommend checking with your provider to see what your coverage is prior to the first appointment.
  • For patients that are unable to visit the clinic for an in-person appointment and would prefer to do appointments virtually please visit our Clear Medicine Virtual page for more information about services that are offered. **Please note recent blood work results may be required.**

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