Foundation: Replenish Nutrient Deficiencies

Over the past 50 years, our food has grown more and more vitamin deficient. Once upon a time, soils were replete with nutrients, which were transferred into the plants they fed. But as farming techniques have changed dramatically over the last half-century, so has the nutrient content of crops. Fast forward to today. Many of the foods on our supermarket shelves have been transported, frozen, cooked or processed in ways that strip away much-needed vitamins and minerals. And thanks to our insatiable appetite for foods made with white flour, trans fats and sugar, it’s no surprise that few of us are getting the nutrition we need from our daily meals.

Unless you are ready to leave the city and start growing all your own organic food, the best way to ensure you’re meeting your many vitamin and mineral requirements is through supplementation. Now, taking a raft of supplements every day may not make you feel like turning cartwheels in the street, but you should know that simply taking some vitamins can really help your overall health.


We divide the supplementation into four categories at Clear Medicine:
• To replenish individual deficiencies
• Foundation products – supplements we all need
• Supplements for hormone imbalance and to restore and aid weight loss and anti-aging
• Protein and meal replacement – we offer an array of whey and vegan protein with multivitamins or without multivitamins
• You can shop our Vitamin Kits created by Dr. Turner ND here.

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