Individualized: Adrenal Assessment And Stress Recuperation (Cortisol & DHEA)

All stress responses require energy from storage sites in your body, whether that energy comes from fat in your fat cells or sugar stored in your muscles and liver. While your body is busy handling these stress-induced tasks, all non-essential, long-term processes are put on hold. Basically, our bodies can exist in one or two states: growth, repair and rebuilding mode or protection mode. The longer the body remains in protection mode, the less time and energy is left over for renewal and regrowth.

Our nervous system drives our immediate stress response, while our chronic stress response is handled by our endocrine system. Constant stimulation of your nervous system, either through your thoughts or information taken via your five senses, is one of the major causes of hormonal imbalance and weight gain. Your brain responds to stress by encouraging a high intake of fatty and sugary foods – the so-called comfort foods that cause stubborn weight gain. So, taking active steps to beat stress and calm your nervous system is essential for fat loss.

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