Individualized: Optimization of Thyroid Hormones For Metabolism

The thyroid hormones are your metabolic master! They regulate metabolism and organ function, directly affecting almost every bodily system and function: heart rate, cholesterol levels, weight, energy, muscle contraction and relaxations, skin and hair texture, bowel function, fertility, menstrual regularity, memory, mood and more. In order for your thyroid to work properly – produce the right amounts and types of hormones – a lot of things have to go right. In essence, proper thyroid hormone metabolism and activation require several other glands and systems to work properly. Your thyroid gland also relies on key nutrients for thyroid hormone to be manufactured and utilized properly.

Your thyroid is impacted by all these items you just read about. When we see new patients we rarely treat the thyroid deficiency first – we always start by working to detoxify the liver and digestive systems; to balance their stress hormones levels with good sleep and stress management, to use foods that level out blood sugar and insulin; to replenish the nutrients needed to make thyroid hormone; and to treat PMS or any other signs of sex hormone imbalance. Failing to do so would be like building a house on sand – the foundation would always be shifting and thyroid hormones would not be optimized.

We provide a total wellness approach to thyroid concerns and our ND’s can prescribe natural thyroid hormone.

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