The Clear Medicine Three Stages Of Menopause Program

(Pre-menopoause (the reproductive years), Perimenopause and Menopause)

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Session 1: Initial appointment with a Board-Certified Naturopathic Doctor that includes:

  • Complete case history and case assessment.
    • Physical exam (body composition testing by medical grade bio-impedance machine).
    • Personalized dietary prescription for hormonally balanced detox diet and wellness program from a dietary, supplement and testing perspective.
    • You will receive a requisition at the conclusion of this appointment for extensive blood and urine testing. The testing includes assessments of all thyroid markers, vitamins, minerals, blood sugar and insulin, inflammation, liver and kidney function as well as a test to identify harmful bacterial imbalance in the gut, all of which influence your hormones. Based on your status in the three stages (pre-menopause,  perimenopause or menopause), we will direct you to complete your blood tests on a certain day of your cycle if you still have a menses.
  • Session 2: Follow-up with your ND to assess the current status, address questions and ensure progress week-over-week.  Blood work review. This appointment can be done on the phone or in person.   BHRT will be prescribed at this stage if it is suitable for your case.
  • Session 3: Extensive follow-up with your ND including:
    • Case re-evaluation and follow-up.
    • Explanation of the Hormone Boost Diet for continued strength, energy, fat-loss, and optimal body composition).
    • A repeat of initial physical exam markers (body composition testing by medical grade bio-impedance machine).
    • Recommendations for progress on-going (typically we recommend follow-up once a season or every three months).
    • Repeat abnormal blood values (if necessary) before this appointment, your requisition will be sent to you in advance of this appointment).

Total fee: Please contact us for information.

Additional costs (not included in the program):

  1. All supplements and meal replacements (prescribed on an individual basis and costs will vary).
  2. The cost associated with any tests that were found abnormal on the first test that would need to be re-tested to ensure they have been rectified
  3. We recommend metabolic strength training with a certified trainer for bone health and muscle mass. We have trainers at Clear Medicine that can set you up on a workout to do at the clinic or that is not convenient you could have a home program.

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