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Start date July 30/31

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Bootcamp (Co-Ed)

The Hormone Diet Bootcamp 

Next Session Commences:

OCTOBER 9TH, 2019  EVENING CLASS 6:40 pm (parking on north side of Dupont after  6:30 pm)

OCTOBER 10TH – DAYTIME CLASS 11:30 AM (parking on north side of Dupont until 3:30 pm)

Top 10 reasons why you should enroll in the:


Do you have a special upcoming event that has you wanting to feel more energized, lean, strong and focused – and look fantastic in 2019?

1) You will cleanse your liver – your major fat-burning organ.

2) You will improve your digestion – this dietary process can eliminate bloating, gas, constipation, and indigestion.

3) You will increase your energy and metabolism – as four of the imbalances that impact your thyroid are fixed.

4) You will improve your sleep – one of the best fat burning activities if you do it properly when 74% of adults do not.

5) You will learn the basic nutritional rules for fat loss and how to rid cravings – the best protein, carbs, fat and fibers.

6) You will learn about the four simple supplements we should take for a lifetime of health protection.

7) You will learn the common mistakes many of us make that sabotage our gains from our workouts.

8) You will learn how to decrease your stress and therefore give your body a nice break from the constant overdrive it feels.

9) You will have fun in an interactive, motivational and educational class with Dr. T ND 🙂

10) You will put an end to the confusion about which diet to follow – Paleo, Plant-Based, Keto and complete the best detox diet, The Supercharged Hormone Diet  (US News Best Diet 2019)

One more BONUS reason:

We have recently partnered with Dynacare to create the option to add-on to your Bootcamp transformation process.  Dr. Turner ND has selected a special panel of tests to evaluate every vitamin, mineral, hormonal, inflammatory, digestive, kidney and liver function test, which assesses all of the factors that influence your metabolism. If you enroll in the program, you will be provided the list of tests, which can be requested from your doctor and if that is not successful, you can complete it via Dr. Turner ND’s requisition. Dr. Turner ND has negotiated and created the “Clear Medicine Weight Loss Panel” with Dynacare and as a result, we are the only clinic in Canada that has access to this comprehensive panel of testing at a low fee.

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