Strength & Conditioning Program Design &/or Training Sessions

Are you looking to get on top of your fitness? Need a program? Lack motivation? Not sure how to work around an injury?

Personal Training at Clear Medicine can help keep you on track and live a healthy, active lifestyle, and can be done from the comfort of your own home. We aim to promote perfect hormonal balance to increase muscle, to decrease body fat and to aid stress reduction.

We are offering virtual personal training with Anthony. Watch video above for some fundamental movements you can easily do at home.  Book online here. 

You can master Hormone Optimization Training virtually. We specialize in a 30-minute free-weight approach that’s based on the latest research from the field of exercise. It promotes the perfect hormonal balance to increase muscle, to decrease body fat and to aid stress reduction.

Our philosophy is simple – keep it short and high intensity, use a moderate to heavy amount of weight (without compromising form) and recruit as many muscle groups as possible during each session. You must also consume the right foods before and after your workouts to maximize the hormonal benefits.

The end results you can expect from this style of training are:

  • a workout that offers the best results aesthetically – if you want to love the way you look in the mirror, this is the workout for you
  • improved insulin balance, which leads to loss of fat around the “love handles”, back of the arms, lower cholesterol, better blood sugar balance, lower blood pressure and anti-aging
  • reduction in cortisol and avoidance of the stress associated with over-exercising
  • improved balance of the sex and anti-stress hormones in men and women (estrogen, testosterone and DHEA), which offers improved fat burning, motivation, sex drive and anti-aging effects
  • maximized growth hormone – the main hormone involved in muscle and bone tissue growth, repair and anti-aging

Our Personal Trainer would be more than happy to have a virtual introductory consultation to go over his training philosophies with you prior to training if you prefer. Please call or email us for availability and pricing of individual training sessions, program design or our special strength training package-pricing.

Virtual sessions are done directly through our booking software, you will receive an email about an hour before the start of your session with a link to join via video. For the best quality, we recommend using the google chrome browser.

Anthony’s focus is to first increase mobility, then build strength. The moment you can learn how to move your body properly, then build strength on top of that, you will succeed in slowing down the aging process and sustaining muscle as a life long goal.

How to book:

  1. Using our online booking system by clicking the following link:
  2. Call us to book at 416-579-9105
  3. Text the clinic phone at 647-515-9105

A first session of 45 mins will be going over goals and what you want to achieve with personal training, talking about injuries or issues you may have had in the past and going through a mobility and flexibility test through various movements to see where your starting point is. Anthony will show you a proper warm up which will be done before every zoom session so you can come ready to train for 30mins.  Once he’s established what you’re capable of doing, the following sessions will be based on your goals and teaching you proper form and technique through various movements to increase mobility, build strength and achieve structural balance. 



To request an appointment please call 416.579.9105 or email any questions to

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