Clear Medicine Wellness Boutique is located in Toronto. Our philosophy of patient care is focused on restoring strength, energy, immunity, body composition and wellness. With these treatment outcomes in mind, we also offer integrated natural health programs. If you have not yet explored the fields of holistic nutrition, naturopathy or a natural health approach, our structured programs, with set deliverables may reduce the uncertainty involved in  committing to a new form of investment in your health.  Our foundation, and recommended starting point, is our 5-Week Wellness, that begins with efforts to improve digestive issues, sleep and stress concerns, and later establishes the nutition habits to stablize energy, cortisol control, and blood sugar balance. This program is also the basis of our interactive, group-based format, The Hormone Diet Bootcamp, which has graduated thousands of practicipants since its launch in 2009.

We also offer programs for fatloss/ketosis, energy and managing the symptoms of menopause. All are based on bestselling books, including The Hormone Diet and New York Times Bestseller, The Supercharged Hormone Diet.  Should weight loss be your goal, you can trust in our approach to improving body composition as we are commited to avoiding the harmful effects of lmuscle loss. Our imperative is to help you understand the relationship between nutrition habits and hormonal balance, the importance of the proper intake of proteins, carbs and fats, at the right times, and the avoidance of protein deficiency or extreme caloric restriction. Our services include naturopathic medicine, detoxification, holistic nutrition, personal training sessions (virtually only due to COVID-19) and infrared sauna therapy (once COVID-19 restrictions are removed).

We hope to be your partner and guide on the path to wellness. As a patient of Clear Medicine, you also will have access to our clinic dispensary. Products can be picked up at the clinic, shipped via Canada Post or ordered online once you have received your patient-access-only password to the store (contact us here if you have not yet received this information) or call the clinic at 416.579.9105.




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