Clear Medicine during the ongoing Covid 19 situation

Clear Medicine is committed to the safety and well-being of all of our patients. The clinic remains open for essential services only. This will include IV vitamin therapy appointments, B12 injections, acupuncture, and essential ND appointments. All other services will still be available virtually. Supplement orders will continue to be contactless.

An Integrative Naturopathic Medicine Wellness Clinic In Toronto

We hope to be your partner in health and wellness. Clear Medicine Naturopathic Clinic, in Toronto, and its network of practitioners aim to provide you with wellness solutions and to empower you in your journey towards improving your health.

Clear Medicine Naturopathic Wellness Programs

In most cases, we begin by providing suggestions that can help to address the five most common imbalances which may disrupt our health and aging. These include inflammation, chronic stress, blood sugar and insulin imbalance, excess toxic estrogen, and suboptimal thyroid hormones, which can impact mood and metabolism.

Clear Medicine Fat Loss

Our approach is focused on losing fat while making efforts to preserve muscle mass and hormone balance. This means energy, strength, and metabolism may be maintained during this process, which is often in contrast to those that involve excessive caloric restriction or insufficient protein intake. The goal is to teach you how to match your movement and dietary habits so you can find a life-style based approach that's suitable for you.

To shop on our online store please visit and enter in the password you have been provided as a patient of the clinic. If you do not have your patient password, please contact us directly at the clinic via email or call 416.579.9105.

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Clear Medicine Wellness Boutique is a Toronto-based Naturopathic Wellness Clinic. We offer  5-Week Wellness Programs and an approach to fat loss that is focused on preserving muscle mass and maintaining hormonal balance via the proper intake of proteins, carbs and fats while avoiding extreme caloric restriction. In addition to our programs, the services we provide include naturopathic medicine, detoxification, holistic nutrition, personal training sessions and infrared sauna therapy (once COVID-19 restrictions are removed). Our focus is to  guide you in the direction towards improving your strength, energy and wellness.

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