Boost Your Walking Session Intensity For Fat-Burning

Written by New York Times Bestselling Author Natasha Turner  If you can’t walk 60 to 75 minutes, which may be the amount of required time to be allotted for a fat-burning session, there are tricks you can use to up the work-load output and still achieve the results you are looking for with less time on the clock. I […]

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18 Ways to Beat Stress and Slim Your Waistline

New York Times Bestselling Author Natasha Turner  Stress packs on the pounds and it does it by increasing your appetite for comfort foods, the potential to store fat from consumed carbs, suppressing your thyroid hormone (the master of your metabolic rate), and disrupting your sleep – an established cause of weight gain.  What’s more, according to […]

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Your Skin Barrier and Five Solutions to Fix It

From celebrity-branded creams to bottles that promise miracle results, the media is a constant reminder of how fragile our skin is. However for anyone suffering from an inflammatory skin condition such as eczema, acne or rosacea knows that not all skin creams can prevent the boatload of stress on our bodies, resulting in a lack of confidence and negative effects. When […]

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Yoga: A Powerful Workout With Research Behind It For Strength, Insulin Balance and Antioxidant Protection

By New York Times Bestselling Author of The Hormone Diet Natasha Turner  From Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity (January 2017), researchers found that 12 weeks of yoga slowed cellular aging as well as lowering inflammation and insulin and significantly decreasing cortisol. The study also found higher levels of BDNF (a neuroprotective compound) after the yoga program, suggesting that yoga could have […]

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