30-min full body workout that builds strength and powers-up your energy!


30-min full body workout that builds strength and powers-up your energy!

written by Natasha Turner

This is the type of training I have been doing lately – five days a week but you can start with two. You do the circuit twice, reps 15 to 20 on each exercise, rest when you need to rest, and finish with some ab exercises.

Exercises: complete two rounds 15 – 20 reps of each exercise

1. Rear delt straight arm raises bent over, with 5 lb in each arm

2. Tricep pull over, laying down on bench with 20 LB dumbbell

3. Rear delt bent arm raises with 8 LB dubmbells

4. Dips off bench with feet on the ball

5. Overhead triceps extension with 20 lb dumbbell

6. Hamstring curls on the ball (laying down)

7. Ball-Wall squat holding 20 lb DB

8. Seated bicep curl with 15 lb dumbbell

Ab routine:

Hold side plank – 45 seconds each side; front plank 30 seconds – then alternate raising one food at a time holding each 20 seconds, front squat again 30 seconds

Pre-workout suggested support drink:

My favorite shake that I have been doing for years and years. It helps prevent me from feeling sore even thought I train five days a week.

1. Collagenfor all the reasons in this blog.

2. Clear Recovery which contains creatine:

Creatine: One of the Only Supplements Proven to Increase Energy and Muscle Function

Creatine is a commonly used dietary supplement with a reputation for improving exercise performance and increasing muscle mass, and studies have shown that it delivers on its promise. According to Amino Acids (January 2010), creatine supplements play a therapeutic role in several diseases characterized by wasting (atrophic) conditions, weakness and metabolic disturbances (such as in the muscle, bone, lung and brain) as creatine is capable of slowing these degenerative states and can aid in alleviating some muscle disorders, such as Duchenne muscular dystrophy and inflammatory myopathies); central nervous diseases, including Parkinson’s, Huntington’s and Alzheimer’s; and bone and metabolic disturbances, such as osteoporosis and type 2 diabetes. In light of this, we should all be considering supplementing with creatine as we age. And since our body uses up about two grams of it per day, in addition to the natural decline with aging, replenishing our supply daily makes great sense for these 12 reasons:

1. It improves recovery after exercise and reduces soreness.

2. It’s one of the only supplements proven to increase energy.

3. It aids hydration and muscle contraction.

4. It aids fat metabolism and muscle growth.

5. It balances cortisol after exercise.

6. It increases energy and repair after exercise and surgery.

7. It enhances brain health and can be used to treat concussion.

8. It increases muscle volume.

9. It improves bone health healing.

10. It improves glucose tolerance.

11. It reduces age-related muscle loss.

12. It increases muscle performance and muscle mass in vegetarians.

3. One serving of protein powder – 30 grams protein for my strength ad metabolism.

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