Holiday Shopping List


Holiday Shopping List

These 12 fantastic products that are flying off the shelves lately…we wanted to share them with you!

1.Trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep protein intake in the best range for you? Look no further than these meals on the go with Dream Protein.

2. Wanting a meal on the go option that is whey or vegan? Try these!

3. Improve recovery after exercise with Clear Recovery Great addition to your pre-workout drink.

4. Support Healthy Liver Function and Metabolic Pathways of Detoxification with Vegan-Protein Detox Support Shake 

5. Support adrenals with a vegetarian  Cortisol-Reducing Herbal Support formula.

6. The most natural form of the sunshine vitamin is D3 – these drops can help any of you maintain your levels and also replenish deficiencies. Ask your ND for dosing suggestions dependent on your tested levels. 

7. Sleep Sleep Sleep with the help of melatonin – sure to help you get the slumber you have always wanted without the drowsiness the next day. 

8. Boost Immunity function,  increase antioxidants, and help reduce inflammation with zinc 

9. Now is the time to up the vitamin C, we like the black pepper extract in this one which helps increase the bioavailability of the vitamin C

10. Stay calm even during stressful times with the help of GABA.

11. Stressed? Clear Balance can help due to the ingredient relora by helping decrease cortisol the primary stress hormone. Also can help if you wake up between the hours of 2:00 and 4:00am.

12. Increase energy and improve mood with this Clear Energy

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