KEY 4: Resolve Inflammation and Poor Immunity by Repairing the Digestive Tract Wall


KEY 4: Resolve Inflammation and Poor Immunity by Repairing the Digestive Tract Wall

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The competency of the entire wall of the digestive tract is dependent upon healthy food choices, bacterial balance, sufficient enzymes and acid levels and inflammation control. An imbalance in any one of these important factors may result in an irritation of the digestive tract wall. When that happens, tiny holes may form, allowing partially digested material, toxins or bacteria to pass through. In the short term, this problem, also known as leaky gut syndrome, causes symptoms of digestive upset, gas, bloating, pain, weakened immunity and allergic symptoms. In the long term, a compromised digestive tract wall can lead to weight gain, obesity, allergies, depressed immunity, autoimmune disease, depression and joint inflammation or disease.

Several supplements can help repair a damaged digestive tract wall. These include glutamine, deglycrrhized licorice (DGL), aloe vera, plantain and marshmallow. With the exception of glutamine, these products are known as demulcents because they help coat and heal the digestive tract wall. There are a few products available that contain a blend of these ingredients in an easy to use powdered form including Clear Leaky Gut or in capsules – Gastroease (Biomed). Most if not all of us can use help to repair our gut wall, which is why we recommend gut-healing products and detoxifying fiber supplement as part of your detox protocol. For your gut to completely heal, these soothing products should be taken regularly for at least four months.

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