Longevity and Fat-Loss


Longevity and Fat-Loss

We all aspire to live long and healthy lives and there are amazing examples of people doing just this in the Blue Zones. I have been reading about the Blue Zones for many years and recently watched the documentary series called Live to 100 – Secrets of the Blue Zones on Netflix. It is so inspiring to learn about these groups of people who are scattered around the globe living their best lives. I found the fact that they all live relatively simple lives yet are happy and healthy quite motivating. Aspects of these Blue Zones can be experienced here as well with some conscientious effort and dedication I believe we can all reach for a life of longevity!

Eating well and moving the body is key. Check out this Blue Zone link to learn the best exercise for longevity. We need to move daily and enjoy the exercise we choose. As Dr. Valter Longo who is Edna M. Jones Professor of Gerontology and Biological Sciences, and director of the Longevity Institute at the University of Southern California – Davis School of Gerontology, Los Angeles, says The best physical activity for healthy longevity is the one you enjoy the most and can easily incorporate in your day to day living until you’re hundredth birthday and beyond.

A recent study published in Circulation shared findings on how much and what level of physical activity is needed to reduce mortality. The previous study published in 2018 recommends that adults engage in at least 150 to 300 minutes per week of moderate exercise, 75 to 150 minutes each week of vigorous movement, or an equivalent combination of both intensities, it turns out that if adults do more than the recommended amount, it can lower their risk of death. Moderate physical activity is defined as walking, weightlifting, and lower-intensity exercise. Meanwhile, vigorous exercise is categorized as running, bicycling, and swimming. Most recent data found that those who worked out two to four times above the moderate physical activity recommendations—about 300 to 599 minutes each week—saw the most benefit. Read the full article here.

We know for some reaching the upward limit of 600 is a challenge. It is ideal to workout 150 – 600 minutes a week, the recent study points to benefits for all exercise but even more advantages for those that workout 300-600 minutes a week. It’s an obtainable amount if you put your mind to it! Keep the Blue Zones in mind here, and do what you love. Take the long, fast walks and spend time in nature.

Walking versus running helps to burn fat, does not cause stress on the thyroid, and does not spike cortisol like routinely completing a 30 to 45-minute run/jog would. Think of this –  it’s best to stick to long, low and slow – or red, hot, fast, and sweating workouts – when it comes to aiming for fat loss and preserving muscle. The perfect long, low, and slow workouts are yoga or walking. While examples of red, hot, fast, and sweating are interval training/sprinting or circuit training (with weights) for a maximum of 30 minutes.  

Some more longevity tips to keep you motivated:

  • Take 2 capsules of Green Tea plus Moringa. Green tea is proven to cause you to burn more fat during training. It increases metabolism and I know this firsthand because I sweat a lot each time when I take it before a workout.
  • Find a friend to walk with either a human or dog or worst case a set of headphones and music or a podcast!
  • Walk at least three, ideally five or six, times per week.
  • Walk 60 minutes fast. This simply has to do with blood sugar physiology and its relationship to fat burning. It typically takes about 45 to 50 minutes to deplete the sugar in your bloodstream. Once this readily available fuel is gone, your body will begin to tap into your fat stores.  You can walk less time after a strength training workout to enter the fat burning-zone (30 – 45 minutes).
  • You will burn the most fat and repair the most damage after a cheat day if you walk on an empty stomach or after consuming a no fat, no carb pre-workout collagen/protein drink. If you do not walk on an empty stomach in the morning or after having your collagen/protein mix,  then eat any one of your four daily meals and time your walk about an hour or two later. Walk for one hour to 1 hr 15 mins then eat your next meal after you get home, once you are hungry.
  • Another best time to walk for fat loss is after dinner. Wait 30-60 min after dinner, go for your walk,  do not eat again before bed. If you’re hungry add one scoop of protein powder or meal replacement powder to water.
  • When you have your weekly cheat meal, try to go for a walk after the meal. It’s proven to reduce the amount of fat stored after your indulgence. You may not burn stored body fat, but you won’t store more.

My pre-cardio drink details:

Best pre-workout drink and supplement to burn more fat, protect muscle, and preserve strength while you walk:

You want to stick to a no fat, no carb option before your workout as this will prevent an increase in blood sugar and allow your body to move to burn fat faster.

Here’s my suggestion for two powders to mix with water in a shaker cup:

  • ½ scoop marine collagen + vitamin C, which provides 15 grams of collagen and 500mg of vitamin C per dose. Having the collagen before your walk is immensely beneficial as proven by University of Toronto researchers who found that 15 grams of collagen with vitamin C before a workout greatly improved athletes’ muscles, tendons, ligaments, performance, and recovery. Ten grams did not work. I think walking after the morning shake is best because you get all of the benefits of collagen and protein on your muscles, tendons, bones, and metabolism. You will also help to boost your thyroid and protect yourself from a rise in cortisol from not getting any nutrients needed in the morning usually within an hour of rising. 
  • 1 to 1.5 scoops of whey protein that provides 20 to 30 grams of whey protein. It’s the most absorbable source of protein have so it is the most bioavailable and advantageous when it comes to supporting muscle growth and preserving the muscle you have. It also has additional benefits on insulin balance, immune function, and antioxidant protection.
  • Take 2 capsules of Green Tea plus Moringa. Green tea is proven to cause you to burn more fat during training. It increases metabolism and I know this firsthand because I sweat a lot each time I take it before a workout.

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