Everything you eat, breathe or absorb through your skin ends up in your bloodstream and eventually passes through your liver. Your liver is your primary detoxifier and fat burning organ, so keeping it healthy is pretty important! Our liver operates like a waste treatment plant. It takes everything we put into our bodies – or that gains access via the skin or lungs – and filters it. This process separates the nutrients needed for energy and other bodily functions from waste products. It then helps to dispose of what we do not need, including the by-products of metabolism, hormonal waste, and toxins.

There are so many great things your liver does for you: 

–  it converts fats, proteins, and carbohydrates to energy and nutrients

– it creates bile to break down fats and eliminate fat-soluble toxins and potentially harmful excess hormones such as estrogen

– it helps to regulate hormone balance and manufacture testosterone and estrogen

– it activates thyroid hormone and supports growth hormone activation and function

– it metabolizes drugs, alcohol, and chemicals

– it stores vitamins and minerals, such as iron and vitamin B12, as well as sugars as fuel for future use

– it helps maintain fluid and electrolyte balance

– it creates serum proteins that act as hormone carriers

– it creates immune substances such as gamma globulin

– it filters blood, regulates blood clotting and stores extra blood for quick release

– it plays a vital role in the body’s use of hormones, both those that are produced naturally in our bodies and those that are introduced via hormone therapies

We need to love our liver.

We highly recommend Clear Liver Support, which is part of the Clear Medicine Professional Supplement Line, and contains specific nutrients to support these vital functions and a nice dose of selenium for your thyroid – the perfect combo to combat summer weight gain.

Supporting the detoxification processes in the liver requires many nutrients and sufficient protein intake, which provides the amino acids needed at different stages of the detoxification. If these nutrients are in short supply, the liver cannot process as quickly or as thoroughly as needed. When this happens, the toxins or waste buildup can escape back into the body, leading to serious health concerns and metabolic disruptionClear Liver Support will help support your liver function and detoxification. Studies suggest that N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC) one of the ingredients in Clear Liver Support can improve the liver function. Also,  Alpha-lipoic acid which is another ingredient in this formula has been proven to help with liver detoxification and to aid with healthy insulin and blood sugar balance (essential to blast belly fat!). Two to three capsules on rising or before breakfast is all that you need.

Purchase Clear Liver Support here. 

** We recommend making this liver cleansing juice as well – click here for recipe**

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