Dr. Turner ND compiled this Top Ten list when researching formulas for the newly formulated High Poitency Multivitamin, the multivitamin we have added to our supplement line. Even with adequate daily nutritional intake from food, we feel a daily multi is a great idea.

Here’s why (and studies to prove it):

1.They can protect you from the inflammation caused by stress: A Shanghai Changhai Hospital study found that multivitamins did have a positive impact on pro-inflammatory cytokine profiles of women currently experiencing stress.

2. They can help protect you from drug induced nutrient depletions – most medications cause loss of essential nutrients when taken over time – here are common examples in this convenient chart. According to this study, supplementing your diet when taking drugs long term could help protect you from depletions.

3.They can help improve anxiety and depression – people in the general population who suffer from mood and anxiety problems may benefit from improved nutritional status achieved with nutritional supplements according to this study.

4.They can improve your heart healthIn this study, they found that proper supplementation improved the nutrient status and reduced biomarkers of heart health risk

5.They can help prevent Alzheimer’s disease and improve mental cognitionthis study found that taking multivitamins may contribute to slowing age-related decline through supporting neuro-cognitive scaffolding mechanisms.

6.They can assist inflammatory bowel disease patientsproper supplementaion with a multivitamin can have positive effects on those with inflammatory bowel disease.

7.They can assist in the prevention of macular degenerationstudies showed that multivitamins can slow the progress of age related macular degeneration.

8. They can assist with women’s health and immune function.

9. They are safe for long term use – In a study by Institute of Biological Chemistry and Nutrition they found that longterm supplementation of multivitamins does not have adverse effects

10. They can improve your swimmers! According to the International Journal Of Reproductive Biomedicine (2016) supplementation with a multivitamin can lead to improved sperm concentration. Ladies – tell your men

Might be time to add a multivitamin to your daily schedule. Remember, not all vitamins are made the same. So look for a good quality professional grade supplement. For more about this read here.

Before going ahead and adding taking multivitamins to your daily routine, take a look at the other side of the coin for a balanced perspective. Many have asked the question “do multivitamins work?” or if there is such thing as too much of a good thing and there do seem to be conflicting opinions on the matter so do your research before putting anything into your body.

Learn more about High Poitency Multivitamin here – take 2 capsules twice daily!



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