Prepare Now For a Fall Reset!


Prepare Now For a Fall Reset!

Suggested Essentials For a Successful Fall Re-set

Summer is almost over and most of us are now thinking about a Fall re-set.

Stocking the pantry doesn’t have to be an overwhelming prospect. Here’s a list of the essential items you need to start to plan for dietary success this Fall and healthy foods to stock up on when you’re ready to start your post-summer re-set or with the dietary guidelines in our 12-day metabolic reset. 

• One to two shaker cups. I recommend a 16-ounce size with the blender ball whisk and carry loop. I suggest getting at least two; one for your morning collagen-protein-fibre mix and one to transport your mix of your meal replacement-protein powders that you can simply add water to when you are ready to enjoy it at some point during the day. 

• A larger portable water bottle. Yeti’s are amazing and have the potential to keep your water cold all day long or your tea warm. Or Blender Bottle has super-nice stainless steel water bottles.

• A small non-stick frying pan to cook your egg whites in. 

• Kitchen food scale (to measure cooked protein servings to ensure you are consuming enough) 

• Coconut oil spray for fat-free cooking

• All-Natural Spice Blends (to top your veggies, salads, eggs white, and other protein sources) 

• A fiber supplement – soluble is the best to start with, which mix clear in water. Like Clear SolufiberRead the benefits of fibre here.

• Protein powder (you can choose to have a mix of different protein sources and flavours) 

• Ketone strips (Ketostix)

• Tape measure to measure the width of your abdomen at the level of your belly button. It should be less than half your height in inches,

• Bathroom scale (Renpho, or something similar, is suggested, which provides a lot of information, including your body fat)

• Also, I can’t live without my Nova Scotia marine collagen supplement and creatine source (Clear Recovery) as well as my Pure Form Omega (plant-based omega) and vitamin D drops. These have been my morning basics, along with my protein and collagen, for years so you may want to consider them too. Clear Energy is on my essentials list as well to provide a source of tyrosine, phenylalanine, and rhodiola for brain-power, mood, energy, and motivation, but this does not have to be essential for you. 

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