Six Ways to Eat More Cooked Veggies


Six Ways to Eat More Cooked Veggies

Here are some ideas for getting in more cooked veggies (which can be consumed hot or cold). Cooked veggies add volume to meals without added calories. They also are high in fibre, which is beneficial as most of us are not consuming even close to the daily requirements of fibre.

1. Increase your veggie and fibre intake by adding steamed broccoli, cauliflower rice or sautéed zucchini—or any other type of cooked veggie you like—to your store-bought soups and sauces. You will notice zucchini in many of the recipes. I have added this to increase your fibre intake, and it’s one veggie that seems to just take on the flavour of the dish, without adding a lot of its own. But if you don’t like zucchini, choose whatever veggie you prefer.

2. Steam baby green peas and baby asparagus spears (chopped) and add them to your salads.

3. Roast a huge pan of vegetables once a week. Douse them with olive oil and, for flavour, your preferred amount of sea salt spice blends. As for the types of vegetables to roast, look for options that are starchy carbs—green and yellow zucchini, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, tomatoes, onions, and leeks. Feel free to add these to your salads during the day and to your evening meal, or add stock and make a soup!

4. If you want to eat roasted vegetables as part of your evening meal, include one or more of these starchy carb options in the roasting pan: carrots, beets, squash, turnip, and pumpkin. Limit the amount of sweet potatoes or red baby potatoes, which are higher in the carbs that impact your blood sugar than the other listed options.

5. Spray zero-calorie coconut oil spray in a frying pan, slice up a zucchini, and cover it with as much spice as you like—the more the better! Suggested spice mixtures include Fiesta Sweet and Tangy, Jamaican Jerk Spice, Cajun Lovers from Flavor God, and Oh My Spice! Sweet and Savory, or comparable products. Cover both sides of the zucchini, then toss them in the pan until they are crispy. Enjoy this as a satisfying snack or the perfect base for egg whites, grilled chicken breast, or a piece of fish.

6. Steam green beans or pan-fry them in coconut oil, then cover them with tons of spices as a yummy, tasty, spicy snack.

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