Stuffed Chicken Breast for Two


Stuffed Chicken Breast for Two

A Tasty Turkey Alternative – For Two: Stuffed Chicken Breast – Spinach, Feta, Yellow Pepper Gluten Free Bread Crumb Crust

No family coming this year for Thanksgiving so I decided to go rogue and make stuffed chicken breasts with tossed greens. A simple meal that tasted great and was a little fancy to mark the occasion!

The ingredients were just from what was hanging around in the fridge tonight. I must say it was delicious.

  • Organic Chicken Breasts (Costco) – butterflied and I just put saran wrap over it and flattened it with my palm
  • Stuffing – In my Braun Three in One Processor – ½ a block sheep feta, spinach – maybe half a cup as most is in the stir fried veggies, a dab of avocado mayo (Hellman’s), 2 – 4 fresh garlic bulbs, and ice water to blend. (secret is not too much ice water). Put a few tbsp on each of the four chicken breasts. Then top each with some of this stir-fry veggie mix in olive oil: sliced ½ one sweet onion, slice 1 yellow pepper and baby spinach (a lot as it really wilts up)
  • Top the breast with gluten free bread crumbs (Paneriso) and a bit of black pepper. You can also add a Parmesan cheese to the mix. (I did today since I walked 9 km and did strength training 😊  but normally would skip this)

Bake 45 mins at 375.

Salad was super simple. Avocado (I skipped this), sliced baby tomatoes, finely chopped English cucumber, arugula and spinach. Dressing was olive oil, garlic, leek and capers.

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