Why do we need supplements?


Why do we need supplements?

By Allison Madigan D.H.N

Why do I need to supplement?  is a question I am asked all the time. I am going to share with you today some of the reasons why and hopefully this background will help you understand why your food isn’t enough even if it does contain the necessary nutrients. 

1.  Soil Depletion

When plants are grown repeatedly on the same land the soil loses vitamins, minerals and microbes faster than can be replaced.  Over time there are fewer nutrients to grow. 

2.  Produce that isn’t local

Living in Canada it is very hard to only eat local fruits & veggies all year.  Most of the fruits and veggies in grocery stores are not harvested when fresh.  They are picked weeks before being eaten and ripen while travelling on trucks and sitting on shelves.  Fruits and veggies gain many of their nutrients during the ripening phase. 

3. Toxin Exposure

Everyday we are exposed to countless toxins – from plastics, to household cleaners, stress and even food toxins.  Our body needs nutrients to deal with these toxins so as you can imagine we are utilizing a lot of nutrients just to get through a stressful day before you account for food toxins and chemical exposure. 

4.  Aging

As we age we produce less hydrochloric acid in our stomachs and digestive enzyme production goes down as well.  This results in us being unable to break down our food as well and absorb nutrients. 

5.  Exercise

When we exercise our bodies require more nutrients for energy production and recovery.  

Next time we will review what supplements I consider to be non-negotiable for everyday!

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