Zucchini Pancakes (Starchy Carb-Free and On The Go)

As seen on The Marilyn Denis Show September 18, 2019. 8 eggs 2 tablespoons coconut flour Sea salt and pepper to taste 4 cups shredded zucchini Olive oil or coconut oil cooking spray 2 cups plain 2 % Greek Yogurt In a large bowl, whisk the eggs together with the coconut flour, sea salt and […]

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BIngredients: 1 cup broccoli, chopped in small florets 1/2 cup shelled edamame 1 stalk sliced green onion 1/8 cup chopped almonds 1/8 cup almond butter 1/2 tbsp. rice vinegar OR if avoiding sugar use Apple Cider Vinegar 1/2 tbp. Tamari 1/2 tbsp. maple syrup 1/2 tbsp. sesame oil 1/2 minced garlic clove 1 tbsp. water […]

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Dr. T’s Crock Pot Chili

Ingredients: 1 of each red, yellow, orange peppers 2 small zucchini chopped 2-3 yellow onions 2-7 garlic cloves (personal preference – I used 7!) 1 lb of ground turkey 1 lb of ground chicken 1 can tomato paste 2 – 28oz can diced tomatoes (I blended 1 can blended to eliminate chunks, the 2nd can […]

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  1 handful kale or spinach  1 tablespoon unsweetened shredded coconut  1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk   Dash of nutmeg and cinnamon  1 tablespoon hemp seeds  1 serving fiber supplement  1 serving vanilla protein powder    Protein: 32 g  Carb: 15.5 g  Fat: 16.5 g  Fiber: 8 g   From Dr. Natasha Turner ND’s The Hormone Boost

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1/2 cup shredded carrot   1 tablespoon shredded unsweetened coconut   1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk   2 tablespoons walnuts   2 teaspoons coconut oil   1 teaspoon cinnamon   Nutmeg to taste  1 serving fiber supplement  Water as needed   1 serving vanilla protein      Protein: 33.2 g  Carb: 17.2 g  Fat: 19.3 g  Fiber: 8 g?  From Dr. Natasha Turner ND’s The Hormone Boost

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  1/2 small avocado (or 1/4 regular-sized one)  1 cup vanilla almond milk, unsweetened   1/4 cup peppermint herbal tea    1 teaspoon cacao powder or 1 tablespoon unsweetened cacao nibs    3–5 drops peppermint oil    1 serving fiber supplement  1 serving chocolate protein powder    Protein: 33 g  Carb: 16 g  Fat: 12.5 g  Fiber: 9 g  Recipe from Dr. Natasha Turner ND’s The Hormone […]

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