Valentine’s Options for Hormonal Health


Valentine’s Options for Hormonal Health

Clearly what we do is important as well as how we actually do it. But the order in which we may choose to do certain activities or things, also can make a real big difference. So, keeping this in mind, here are my top suggestions for your day, evening, or week of love and happiness this Valentine’s Day.

1. Amuse bouche! Let’s get on with chocolate – first.  It will make you more attentive and the evening more memorable.

• Data represents first human trials examining the impact of dark chocolate consumption on cognition and other brain functions. Findings from two studies show dark chocolate consumption reduces stress and inflammation while improving memory, immunity and mood.

•  Eat dark chocolate to beat the midday slump? Northern Arizona University (May 2018)  A study shows chocolate can increase brain characteristics of attention and significantly affect blood pressure levels. Historically, chocolate has been recognized as a vasodilator, meaning that it widens blood vessels and lowers blood pressure (like Viagra does!) in the long run, but chocolate also contains some powerful stimulants.

•  Chocolate for your heart BMJ (June 2015). Eating up to 100 g of chocolate every day is linked to lowered heart disease and stroke risk. The calculations showed that compared with those who ate no chocolate higher intake was linked to an 11% lower risk of cardiovascular disease and a 25% lower risk of associated death. This is not your free ticket to eat a chocolate bar everyday. Simply bite off a square of dark chocolate to enjoy benefits both short and long term.

• Give a gift that keeps on giving – chocolate completely 100% guilt free, sugar-free, carb-free, super high Infiber, and tastes great. Fit Food Lean Whey Chocolate – satisfies cravings and builds immunity, digestive health, heart health and strength. 

2. Cook dinner together.  Couples that do things together, tend to stay together. And here’s why…

• It causes connection as you plan and shop for the meals. You also have the benefit of learning new things together and experimentation. Think of how different this is as compared to one person trying to plan the meal, shopping alone, prepping alone…. A big void gets created as there is a lack of a life “together”.

• You enjoy and experience something together – new flavors, new techniques, and develop common likes.

• Doing this creates mutual respect and appreciation for each other.

• Creates an opportunity to bond – beyond date night. Check our recipe blog for a balanced option. 

3. Have a romantic movie marathon – or not! I say turn up the spice with an episode of Yellowstone or another intense show.  You don’t need romantic films to get in the mood.

• Watching a spicy show or movie can stimulate the brain, our largest sex organ, especially important for women.

• Watching together strengthens bond and connection as you experience the joy, love, and emotion related to what you are watching. And remember, what you watch is very important. Watching romantic movies can boost progesterone in men and women by 10%, bringing couples closer together according to University of Michigan psychology researchers. Your hormones respond– not just your mind. Action movies tend to boost testosterone in men. So, my take-home message for you is to pick one romantic and one action and you will create the perfect hormone state for the “bedroom connection, as progesterone reduces anxiety and testosterone helps to create the motivation, desire, and drive for attentive lovers.

4. Exchange heartfelt gifts. 

Do some investigating and figure out something special and heartfelt that your partner would appreciate. Don’t forget that thoughtful and heartfelt doesn’t need to be expensive.

Focus on the brain with a libido boosting option such as Clear Energy Dopamine Support (contains Rhodiola, Tyrosine, and Phenylalanine) – 3 on rising for dopamine (the hormone for motivation and drive). Combine with 1 capsule of Zinc at bedtime, as it helps to raise testosterone, which is important for motivation, drive, memory, and libido.

5. Get to know each other better over a bottle of wine or champagne or top health trends a non-alcoholic cocktail or CBD cocktail.

o   Wine: Depending on the type and sugar content, wine can be good for you. My suggestion – Pinot Noir – It is free of histamines, so no headache or other bad effects in the morning.

o   Champagne: Check these top five benefits of champagne here.

o   Non-alcoholic cocktail: I recommend creating a recipe or finding one online that has pomegranate in it… helps to balance sex hormones. Here are some great mocktails which are healthier than some that are full of sugar including a Pomegranate Ginger Storm

o   CBD cocktail: CBD is an anti-inflammatory for the brain, reduces anxiety, depression, pain, and can treat signs of neuropathy. It assists with mood, sleep and even post-traumatic stress. Why not start the night off right with this and the chocolate to get in the right “headspace”? 

6. Write love letters to each other, or not! I say play the question game, a fun, interactive, and engaging process for both new and old couples (both use topics to stimulate good conversation and learning more about each other…)

• The way relationships affect our health changes as the relationship ages. According to “There’s a very strong, positive effect of entering a marriage that overtime dissipates,” says Beam. That is, until the Golden Years kick in. “There’s evidence that in long-term marriages, you get happier over time,” says Proulx. As people get older, big stressors, like children and work, often go away. While this can be a happiness boost for anyone, people in long-term relationships — Proulx looked at those lasting at least 20 years — get the extra advantage of having the support and company of someone they (likely) care about very deeply and enjoy being around.

• Never stop exploring. New experiences build new neural pathways and boost dopamine, the hormone of motivation, drive, and focus.

7. Give each other a massage and take a bath. I recommend the use of coconut oil as a massage oil (that does not stain and is edible) 

Proven to reduce cortisol, and to cause a boost of three feel-good hormones – oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin. Not to mention it improves lymphatic drainage, reduces pain, and improves sleep and relaxation.

Take a bath together – ease sore muscles, get wet and slippery, stave off the cold winter chill, and enjoy…

• Relaxation and peace and quiet – read here for all top health benefits.

• Add these things to make it much more enjoyable: candles, relaxing music

• Epsom salt – rich in magnesium it is a natural muscle relaxant

• Natural bubble bath – add essential oils for added benefits but do it right – check this resource  

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