Hormone Diet 14 Day Detox


Hormone Diet 14 Day Detox

Our liver, kidneys and intestines are the body’s natural cleaning team. They all work together to package toxic compounds for removal. Over time, the function of these organs, especially the liver, can be compromised by illness, poor nutrition, stress, pollution or toxic lifestyle habits (e.g., drugs, alcohol or tobacco). When the clean-up process is not being carried out as it should, toxic byproducts cannot be properly neutralized. As a result, toxic compounds from the liver are reabsorbed and stored in the fatty tissues of the body rather than excreted. As you would expect, this toxic buildup leads to a dramatic increase in long-term health risks—and it doesn’t leave us feeling our best in the short term either. Complaints such as headaches, weight gain, acne, PMS, infertility and poor memory often arise when our detox organs are in need of some support. The benefits of detoxification include the following: 

Getting Started with Your Supercharged Hormone Diet Anti-Inflammatory Detox:

Stick to this anti-inflammatory diet for 14 days. If you’re currently experiencing symptoms (fatigue, headaches, gas, bloating, heartburn, acne, eczema, etc.) and find that they are still present at the end of the two-week period, you can extend your cleanse up to six weeks, if necessary, before moving on. Otherwise, on day 14, you’ll begin reintroducing some of the foods you’ve temporarily removed from your diet. The process on how to do this is explained in The Hormone Diet or The Supercharged Hormone Diet books.

 Supplement Specifics

I suggest starting the supplements right away and then set a start date a few days or so later to begin the detox diet portion. Before you get started, you should eat up (or get rid of) your current supplies of the foods that aren’t allowed during your detox. This will help you to avoid cheating or falling off the program. Plan your meals according to the detox rules. Shop for specific foods and supplements. Your detox will have two steps to it: week one and week two.

The products I recommend for this detox (Note: These products will last one month or more, while the detox is only 14 days, so that’s great for your liver and digestive health!):

  1. Foundation Kit – Hormone Balance & Detox

Optional but Highly Recommended:

  • Clear Fiber – one serving in shakes or smoothies
  • Clear Magnesium Calm – 1 to 4 capsules at bedtime
  • Vitamin D3 Drops  – 1 to 2 drops at breakfast
  • Pure Form Omega (plant omega – 4 at breakfast) or Clear Omega (marine-based omega – 2 at breakfast)
  • Protein powder: Whey Protein (Whey protein) or Perfect Protein (Pea and Rice Protein)
  • Meal replacement: Clear Complete Vegan with or without a Multi or Clear Complete Vegan Protein Cleanse as a meal option on the go. One scoop in a shaker cup with water and/or ice.
  • Ketosis Strips

Diet Specifics:

WEEK One: Detoxification (Your Grain-free and Potato-free Week)

All foods that could trigger excess insulin release, spur inflammation or increase cravings are completely removed from your diet during this week.  This means you will avoid all grains and potatoes.

WEEK Two: Detoxification Continues (One daily serving of gluten-free grains or potatoes is now permitted)

We have included additional grain and potato selections but note that if you experience water retention, weight gain, cravings, increased hunger or fatigue after eating. This suggests that your body may not be ready to accept these types of carbohydrates yet.  In this instance, there is no harm in repeating the Week One plan, provided that you maintain your protein and healthy fat intake.

Should I be concerned with serving sizes during my detox?

Since the focus is determining food sensitivities during these 14 days, caloric intake at mealtimes is not a crucial matter. At this stage, however, two to three meals a day and one to two Vitamin Complete Vegan Cleanse Shakes (one or two should be mixed with Green – Food Supplement is a very easy approach to your detox). If you need a snack, be sure to stick to the permitted food list.

In addition to calming inflammation and food allergies, this will help restore the healthy blood sugar, leptin and insulin balance necessary to support weight loss and appetite control. At mealtimes, you can eat as much of the allowed foods as you want, with a couple of exceptions:

  • Avoid all grains and potatoes during your first week on the detox. However, during your second week, you may consume a maximum of one serving of the allowed gluten-free grain products (rice, bread, pasta, cereals) or potatoes including sweet potatoes or white potatoes per day. Your serving should be no larger than the size of your fist (or about ½ a cup).
  • You should limit nuts to two servings a day.
  • You should limit sheep or goat cheese to once a day – 1 to 2 tbsp.
  • If you have soy – limit it to one serving a day unless you are taking the ultra meal soy-based products, which should be twice a day.

Make sure you avoid forbidden foods. Please remember not to overly restrict your calories. If you cut your food intake too much, you’ll simply hamper your metabolism by creating (or aggravating) imbalances in your stress and blood sugar hormones. 

The following food groups must be removed from your diet during your body detox because they are inflammatory or allergenic:

Dairy products: yogurt, cheese, milk, cream, sour cream, cottage cheese, casein, whey protein concentrate. NOTE: 100% pure whey protein isolate and goat-milk cheeses are allowed.

All grains that contain gluten: wheat, spelt, rye, kamut, amaranth, barley. Note that most breads, bagels, muffins, pastries, cakes, pasta, durum semolina, couscous, cookies, flour and cereals are off-limits, unless they are gluten-free.

Corn: popcorn, corn chips, cornbreads or muffins, fresh corn, canned or frozen niblets. White and sweet potatoes must be avoided during week one.

Oils: hydrogenated oils, palm kernel oil, trans-fatty acids, soybean oil, corn oil, cottonseed oil, vegetable oil, shortening and margarine. Flax oil supplements are also not recommended. Limit your intake of safflower and sunflower oil. Olive oil is okay.

Alcohol and caffeine: during your detox I recommend you cut these out completely. Too much of either one will elevate stress hormones and contribute to hormonal imbalance.

Peanuts and peanut-containing products: peanut butter, peanuts in the shell, trail mix containing peanuts, etc. Check labels carefully, as many products list peanuts as ingredients. The exception is B-Up protein bars, which may contain peanut butter.

Sugar or artificial sweeteners: table sugar (sucrose) and all products with sugar added must be cut out completely. Foods to avoid include rice syrup, maple syrup, honey, foods/drinks containing high fructose corn syrup, packaged foods, candies, soda, juice, etc.

Citrus fruit: oranges, tangerines and grapefruit. Lemons and limes are okay.

Red meats: pork, beef, lamb, all types of cold cuts, bacon and all types of sausages, except turkey or chicken sausages from a butcher.

The following anti-inflammatory and immune-enhancing foods are permissible during your detox program:

One serving of Grains and potatoes – size of your fist (during week two ONLY): millet, rice and rice products, buckwheat, rice pasta, rice cakes, rice crackers, potato or sweet potato. Have just one serving of per day – at dinner the size of your fist.  Starchy vegetables like squash, beets, carrots, turnip, pumpkin, peas and beans are permitted in both weeks of your detox.

Vegetables: unlimited amounts of all vegetables except corn. Potatoes including sweet potatoes and white potatoes are allowed during the second week only. All other starchy vegetables including squash, turnip, pumpkin, beets, carrots, peas are freely allowed in both weeks.

Fruits: unlimited amounts of all fruits except oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, canned fruits, raisins, dates and other non-organic dried fruits. Carb Conscious Tweak: Stick to one fruit a day, preferable kiwi, berries, or watermelon during lunch or midafternoon. Better for fat loss not to have it in the morning at breakfast or the evening after dinner.

Beans: all beans are allowed. Skip chickpeas and hummus if you want to make your detox more carb-conscious. Carb Conscious Tweak: If you have a bean, consider it a starch source, and avoid hummus and chickpeas, the highest in carb bean.

Two handfuls of Nuts and seeds: all nuts except for peanuts; all seeds are fine. Or 1 tbsp of nut butter – almond, cashew, etc.  just not peanut butter. Tweak: Skip the nuts if you are not working out. It is a simple way to reduce your fat intake, so that your body uses your stored body fat for fuel instead.

Fish and meat: all poultry (chicken, turkey, duck, etc.), fish and seafood are fine.

One serving of Dairy – 1 to 2 tbsp: feta (made from sheep’s or goat’s milk); goat cheese; small amounts of butter. Tweak: Skip the sheep and goat cheese if you are not working out. It is a simple way to reduce your fat intake so that your body uses your stored body fat for fuel instead.

Oils: hemp oil, small amounts of butter, coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil are the only oils you should consume. Coconut oil spray is a great addition to your detox.

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